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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

How are you all on this lovely Wednesday? I'm estatic, I mean no, my friend is leaving for reasons unknown to me u_u; lol j/p he's moving and it's sad, but I'm still happy for other reasons, maybe I'm just tired anywho, Did you know, that the there are over 500,000 words in the English language. BUT the average person uses only 150 words and recycles them throughout the day. Isn't that just sad? Everyone should expand their vocabulary, and feel smart about themselves. But yes go and learn some new words! haha yeah I just thought you all should know that ALSO has anyone ever heard of the game Genji? I thought that it was the name of the main character but NOOOO his name is Yoshitsune >_< yeah OHHHH yeah so has anyone played the Soul Caliber 3 yet? I got it for my sister and now I have to wait till Channukah. One more thing XBOX360 or PS3?(no they are not gifts u_u;) And that concludes my post for the day. Have a nice...something.
Oh yeah!!! I finshed the thingy I was making for all of you!
Go look!
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