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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hello everyone n_n It really sucks when I go to one of my friends site and then go to comment on their post and find out I can't >_< I'm still suspended. *sigh* Oh well must be optimistic! lol so how long is your winter vacation? Mine's only a week T_T but it's better than nothing. My dumb school decided that I didn't pass 12th grade (even though I DID) and so yeah school again, yay. So I can now relate to schoolish stuff now (sadly) hmm yep otherwise life is great, I can't wait for my sibling to move out 3 more years! Freedom at last n_n
Work sucks, paying bills suck, but if I don't, it's prison for Azana. Well I shall talk to you all later! n_n

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