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Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's been such a long time since I posted! so how are you?( I don't think that many people will visit me...)but it doesn't matter I feel better writing this ^^
My last wall (at least for me) was just horrible, maybe because I didn't have any interesting idea for it... just the scan, but it doesn't matter I'll try my best in my next one XD sometimes we suck right?
I was searching for Yusuke Nakamura works I love them, they are just so awesome=^_^= so I'll make one, and it will be dedicated to three of my friends Zakuro-chan, Angel leila and my newest friend Leviatan ( the last one in AP) ^^ I want to make something different and stupid at the same time like buildings in the sky, or a car in the moon I don't anything that I want, it will be really special because the inspiration doesn't come from a scan or from the anime, it comes from my mind and I won't be sad if just one person likes it, it will be enough for me XD
bye! ^_^ take care!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

   Finally I post!!

Hi everybody! it's been a while isn't it? I'm so sorry for being absent but a lot of thing happened to me since november...

This is my new them Ergo Proxy! It's a really good anime the song it's from the op^^

So the last time that I posted was on 2007( wow that much??) I was preparing for my last exams, I had to study a lot!!! fortunately I aproved all with 85-90XD so I had a good final trimester.

I graduated ( I'm still studying but I don't know how explain the education process of my country)
Then christmas a new Wii yay! haha so yes I had a really good christmas with my family, maybe it's late to ask but how was your christmas? ^^' and for the New Year whe had fireworks I really like them it was great

I had my birthday party too!! It was so funny, but we were just 20 of my best friends... too bad that the rest couldn't go...

At that time I was in my summer vacations( and some people in winther thats funny...) so I did a lot of things with my friends and I want to the beach but the most important thing is that... I slept a lot haha ( my favorite thing...) and finally ( I waited for that trip for all the eternity) We went to La Paz waterfall and La Fortuna de San Carlos.

The waterfall was just beautiful so pure and clean and La Fortuna is a little town near of the volcano, Arenal Volcano, it was just wonderfull the mud bath, the bungee and the manatials, the food everything! I really enjoyed XD

A week later we went to the Earth University ( I don't know if you know it it's probably if you want to study to be an agronomer) It's huge!!! 3 300 Hectares O.o They are offering me a scholarship, so maybe I could go to that place^^

In febrary 5th I stared classes again (damn school!!!) so now I have to study a lot my exams are in 2 weeks *someone help me!* but I had time to make this wall it's dedicated to Zakuro-san and Leila-san I hope you like it this is the 1600x1200 version:
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IThe last week I had to go to the hospital ti make some exams because I have a risk of brain tumor T.T so I have to be really carefull... I hope everything will be ok...

Thanks for visiting me and have a nice day!

PS: Today I have a party and tomorrow I'm going to the beach! yay!
see ya!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hello people! I hope everybody its ok!
So the last monday was my birthday, it was so funny! I got a lot of presents( and my party isn't until december 1st) one of them was the biggest... palette(?) that some one can give me I can eat all!! I'm still eating it! I call it the monster palette hehe, adn chocolates and clothes, all gave me a lot of things^^
yesteday I had 2 works to present one had 65% of the total note O_o I was very worried about that but I think that I got all the points and the other week are my last exams of the trimester, I hope everything will be ok...
I need your opinion... isn't weird that when TheO have new members the submit about 15 walls in a once?? I saw that and actually I think it's very funny hehe, why do the do that??
oh, I almost forgot can someone make a death note wall for my site? I could make one, but don't have ideas...^^'
This monday it's Zakuro-san's birthday so I made a present to her
Hosted By theOtaku.com. this is the 1600x1200 version^^
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