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Hey there, I'm Fiddie!

It really is nice to meet all of the unseen faces sitting in front of computer screens that are visiting this site! :D

Well, to promote myself as much as I can, I'll have to ask you to take a look at my drawings.
I usually like them. And I don't usually upload things I don't like.

And remember: Make every mistake look like it was on purpose C=

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two sketch books: Almost full! >w>
I'll probably put up new pictures soon! (woo!)

Today, school was boring, boring, and even more boring.
You can't expect too much from school, though, right?
Isn't it nice that I don't rant and go on and on and on about pointless-ness? >w>
Aren't you just so proud!? :D
Such a spazzy mood! >w>
Those're the best!!

Now, then, before I impload where I sit,
I must run around my home with my arms spread
out while making "zoOOOooom"-ing noises and
announce to my family that I am an air-o-plane.
Sounds fun, doesn't it?
Or, does it sounds stupid?
Maybe a bit of both?
Well, you try it and let me know what you think, okay? ^______^
heheh... I have to draw a self-portrait in art!! D:
I dun wanna!! D< I don't like how I look... It's not like how I act at all...
If I'm in the mood, when I get it back, I might post it.
I'm definately going to post the hand-drawing I did!! :D
It's beautiful!!! >w>

Okay, post is long enough now.
Good-bye small number of people who look at
my profile!!
I'll see you next time!! :D

~Kimmy >w>

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

I really do think I should update more often... I suppose the reason I don't is because I've got no really good news!! D:

Same thing with posting my art... It's such a hassle!! >__>
The computer the scanner is hooked up to won't even let me log into my email account!
So, in order to put up art, I have to upload it (not that big a deal).... well, first I have to to be able to get on that computer. xD
My brother's always on it... It can get frustrating to have to kick him off all the time.

Okay, so the process of uploading art:
1) Get Kris (brother) off the computer.
2) Get the art onto the computer..... Sometimes, that's a lot harder than it sounds. XD
3) Find the disk to put stuff on. (sometimes I give up)
4) Get the art onto the disk. (after this, the rest is easy!! :D)
5) Get the art onto my computer and onto The otaku!
I'm so glad they changed the sizes!! I used to have to crop all of my pictures and not even post half of them because I couldn't get them the right size and have them still look decent!! >_>

Well, that's my updating battle.... I need to upload pictures again soon, don'cha think?

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Monday, September 11, 2006

  I got a drawing tablet!!! :D

It's the best thing ever! I'm so excited!! ^ ^
I really wish I had something better than paint to use it with, though D:

Maybe, now that I've got something to draw on the computer with, I'll update more often :D

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