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I'm ffoblivion or shall I say final fantasy oblivion..I like final fantasy and kingdom hearts so I kinda combine it...I'm a 4rth year student and I draw..I started doing digital art recently and I'm not very good at it yet..also to all my friends and to everyone in here I finish up some naruto artworks!!check it out ok!tHaNkS!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

kh2 final mix pics

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Monday, April 2, 2007

kh2 final mix

Kingdom hearts 2 final mix secret ending!!!its all here!! get a load of this!!

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kh2 final mix

kingdom hearts 2 final mix has already been released in japan!!!!wooohhooooooo!!do you guys want to play this awesome game too! cause I'm really looking forward in playing it i cant wait!!!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

naruto shippuuden is finally out!!!

now on its 4rth episode hope you guys love it!!

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deathnote mania!!

its death note and its cool!!!!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

i just remebered something while lying back on my bed....i really want to share it with you so here it is.... was just recently when i celebrated my birthday last jan. 10 and i though what would my day turned out...i was heading out in school when i encountered my crushie!!!!
aaaaahhhhh he's so something...
and just suddenly he said hi and greeted me happy birthday!!
i stood there like an idiot thinking what to say!
i cant believe he even knew my birthday!
he seldom taks to me in school it was just sooo shocking! back to the scene
after the long gaze i manage to say thanks...and he smiled and went...
when i arrived at our classroom it seemed soo silent all of a sudden
and all i thought no one remembered my birthday
i sat down my chair fixing my things....
the first class started and all of a sudden they started staring at me! at that time i turned really red...and they started singing happy birthday!!!!!!
few of my friends gave me presents!! its a surpised attack!!!!
i really like what my day turned out!!!!
its the first time i've encountered it lol!!!

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my artworks!!!!!

this is my recently made artworks !!!!!
i spent so much time on this things!!!
spent 3 months doing this all
hope you like it!!!
see some of my other arts!!

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