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Sunday, December 10, 2006

   Holidays. Holidays. Welcome
Finally, after a tiring period in school, I got a well-deserved holiday. I was lucky that I can have the chance to organise my first wallpaper contest...right now...^_^.

Before I say anything else, I just want to wish everyone a wonderful festive season. Merri Kurisumasu Minnasan.

So I shall explain the rules of the wallpaper contest.
1) The theme of the wallpaper is "Christmas", or any theme related to christmas, since it is the christmas month already.
2) The wallpaper can feature any anime character, even a group.
3) Please be original. Do NOT submit wallpaper that is done by others other than yourself. This is plagerism and will not be tolerated.
4) Last but not least, all of you can display your creativity in your wallpaper designs in anyway.

As I am the person organising this wallpaper contest, I will not be doing any wallpapers. So...those who want to join this contest please PM me by 19th Dec.

As for the prizes, here are the prizes for the 1st 3 wallpapers as well as consolation prizes

1st prize: 2 Wallpapers w/your name, 2 banners w/your name, 1 button linking to your page

2nd prize: 1 wallpaper w/your name, 2 banners w/your name

3rd prize: 1 wallpaper w/your name, 1 banner w/your name

Consolation prizes: 2 banners w/your name

Thanks a lot, and merry christmas once again.

Yosh, lets START!

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Monday, October 9, 2006

   This is good...

Here is the first Sailor Moon vid that I have made. Hope u all enjoy. Uranus and neptune are really a pair there. Minnasan, care to go to youtube to rate/comment my videos after watching? Hahaha.

I just came back from home. School was tiring today. How I hate Java programmin' classes to the core. Thinking of the long java codes really make my head giddy like nobody's business...ha.

Been really busy these days. I may be organising an anime wallpaper designing competition (date to be decided). This is the first time I am thinking of this, so I want to make this as smooth as possible. Since I am the organiser, I will not be making the wallpapers. All of u who are participating in the contest will. I will think of the awards for the first three entries as well k? So make sure to wait.

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

   Happy day today.
Hellp minnasan. Just want to take some time to write a post here.

I attended my cousin's wedding ceremony today. In the morning, I went to my aunt's house to see the bride and groom in the solemnisation procession (whereby the bride and groom have to serve tea to the elders i.e. their parents and the rest of the ojisan and obasan). 1 hour before the afternoon, I changed into my business pants and long-sleeve shirt before I proceed to Furama Hotel with my parents.

I had long waited for the matrimony to start. Right in the ballroom of the hotel, I witnessed the matrimony ceremony of my cousin and his gf (now his wife). After that, food was served and I ate quite a lot. The food served was superb and I simply cannot stop eating (which was why I did not eat dinner at night).

This time, I had switched to Azureus, because I realized that bitcomet has gave me some problems (when I tried dlding e anime Sailor moon avi eps, it popped out a message saying that bitcomet could not open the file, and worse still, it is not responding). When I tried opening the anime SM torrent file in Azureus, it was successful. Azureus is better than bitcomet after all...hahaha. For example, I can track the users and seeders through the swarm function).

I will get the torrent file for kaleido star.

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