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Hello All!^-^
I am here! Well, I don't have much to say, thus there is this wonderful little sentence that takes up lots and lots and lots and lots of room! ^-^ Ahem. Anyway... What was I trying to say before that? Ah...I don't remember...Wait! I hope you like my syte, and please remember to sign my Guest Book and visit whenever! ^-^

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Saturday, March 5, 2005

Today's Before Hand Ramblings


Long time no type, huh? Ah well.

ANYWAY......What's going on today? Why did I sign in again...?-.-;

Uhm...well. I'll just start randomly rambling, then I'll somehow cover it.

Alrighty, well today I'm going with Karen to work with her, which might be great, because then- LALALALALA! I might be getting a good job hook up, which would be very nice. Yes, yes. Very nice. Either way, today we're splitting her paycheck today, since I'm definitely working. YAY! Free money! Well...not free, but the work's not that hard...XD I really hope I get this job- like...really bad. I'm already working one day a week at Good Earth Farm..but it is a LOT of work. For 5.50 an hour, it's honestly not worth it. Seriously. But...I like the llamas, so. I'm going to be there for a while. It's a good $50 a week. For one day, I guess I can't complain too much. But...when at Karen's...I could be rolling in about...$10 an hour...((Well, that's what she said. I'd say more along $8 starting, since I now have experience...))...which would be very nice...I kinda need it, lols.

Why? Well, two reasons. The First:
My cellphone. Yes, everyone, I'm getting a cell, either next week, or the week after. It'd be A LOT easier if I had something besides $50 coming in a week. Though, I'd be able to do that, AND pay for my internet at the same time...come on you guys. You know me. You know I'd like to spend money once in a while on something besides bills.
The Second:
I'm thinking very much towards the yes-ness of adopting my friend Karen's dog. He's had all his shots, and is a real sweety. And I would really like to have him in my life. ^-~ My own lil' boyfriend LOL! Heh. But yea, he's fully trained, and is an indoor and outdoor puppy, but he has to go out for a couple hours a day (of course.)...and to do that, I need a fence. Really bad. I just...can't chain up a dog. It'd kill me. Probably literally. I just..I don't think any living thing should be chained up. Nope. Well, maybe if everyy single mosquito, wasp, roach, and palmetto bug were chained up forever in some cold, decript place I wouldn't mind...but besides that, no. Nope nope nope. So....I really need to get a fence. o.o So.....yea. He's sooo cute! lol He's this Coppery color (that's why his name is Copper...I think...) with a white underbelly and tip of tail, and black lining around his eyes. It's sooo cute!! ^__^ hehe.

ANYWAY! I have to go now, because I've been rambling too long now, and need to find Karen. Byes!


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Wednesday, February 2, 2005


Hey all!

Well, I know that I was supposed to finish writing whatever it was I was posting about yesterday, but I didn't, and I don't really feel up to figuring it out...o.O Yea. Anyway....

-sighs- I'm not feeling very good right now. -.- Haven't been for a while. V-V -sniffles- I'll be okay, eventually. I have that weird feeling of floating then endlessly falling over and over again. It makes your head feel weird....

Yea. So.....yep.

Jimmy came and talked to me today (today we didn't have to be to school until 11 am, LTM) and was apologizing to me about not being at my 'party' and stuff...I was like...IT WASN'T MY PARTY, YOU IDIOT, IT WAS JUST A GATHERING FOR STEPHANIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! I DIDN'T EVEN INVITE YOU!!!!

-.- Sometimes guys can be so stupid.

And no, usually I'm not so mean to him or people in general, it's just a happy side effect of my icky-feeling-ness. -.- I'm actually a pretty nice person to people...

Aah...I'm so tired...

It doesn't help that people are telling me that Adam is going to ask me out...and others are telling me that Jimmy is going to ask me out...I wish somebody just would say it's fine to be single....I don't mind being single...I don't know if I'm really ready to be dating anyone right now...

Well, I'm not sure if I should even be in public view right now...I feel like crap...probably look like crap too...-.-

Well, I'm in art class now at school, if I haven't already informed you guys....it's awesome...my sisters had Mr. McKinley's class before...so he's nice to me...I think Sean was in that class too...I'll ask him and tell you guys...

Yea. I'm going to be calling Stephanie later...and then we'll be calling Amadeus...and then talking about the Super Bowl party at Abbey's on Sunday...

I have a new job...every Sunday I work with horses and kids (together! Scary...)from 8am to anywhere from 2-5 pm, depending on if any kids have a party...yea...good thing the super bowl party starts at 5, and I get off work at about 4 on Sunday...Stephanie has a new job too...she works with animals too...I'm working at Good Earth Farm, where as she's working at the zoo...very cool, very cool...I'm just going to try my best at work, and keep an open mind, even though people say that my boss is a total biesh...-shrug- I kinda thought she was crazy before I even was told that, so I think I'm prepared....I'm also trying for another job...that actually pays nice money...that'd be great...

Today is: February 2, 2005
My Birthday: March 14, 1990
Days Til: 40 ^-^


I'm going to be 15 very soon...can't wait...even though people already think I'm 15, even when I say I'm not...<.< >.> -.-;


I think I'm going to go now, because frankly, I'm not focuzing very well. I'm going to try and come by everyone's sytes, kay kay?

Ta Ta!



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Tuesday, February 1, 2005


Heylo all!

((You must admit that smiley looks awesome))


What's up?!

Long time no talk!!

What's up with me writing a sentence and then double spacing?!

I don't know!!

-.- Anyway... Well, I had an interesting time whilst I've been away. ^_^ It was...different. Well, here's a recap.

On Friday:
Me-n-Stephanie went to the South Florida Fair (A very very big fair which is major cool and only comes ever january 17-30) and so...yep. I got to listen to her yap about Amadeus the whole time, lol. We saw Jimmy when he was leaving (right before we left, about 12:37ish) and asked him to go to the movies with us on Sunday. (We'll get to that story later). Then she spent the night at my house...er...rather...spent the morning at my house...o.O
On Saturday:
Well, didn't do a heck of a lot. We woke up at about 11, and finally stumbled out the door about a quarter after 12. We came to the library so that I'd be able to post, just to find that everyone was on the computers. After waiting for about 2 hours (I didn't mind, I found a new book that I like Sunshine. Very awesome, I recommend it to anyone who likes vampires with out that "buffy" twinge in it all the time), my dad drove up and came in to get me. The rest of the day was spent slaving at my aunts house. >.> <.< Okay, so I was hanging clothes, nailing up pictures, and hanging curtain rods...same difference!! Yet again, didn't get home til about...eh...1 ish. (Oh, I spilt my Vanilla shake in my dad's truck too. Ah, was he pissed. Even though I cleaned the truck, it still smells mighty funky in there...O.O)

Okay, I'll be back to finish my post, they're throwing me off now. Ta Ta!


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Thursday, January 27, 2005

   I'm baaaack


I'm so shocked about you guys. I was just saving that letter so that ya know, I could post it when I got back on my computer. I was going to delete it, but now I'm just going to keep it for my own personal amusement.

But, To clarify- I'm not deleting this syte. I'm deleting one of my LJ sytes. Kays? Alright.

Alright. Hm...I don't have a whole lot to talk about right now...I think I'm just going to wrap it up for today...sooner or later...

Oh! I have a new LJ syte, as you guys witnessed earlier. Soooooo...It's http://www.livejournal.com/users/ATiredScholar/

So, basically you guys can go visit me sometime and yell at me for not posting here for hours on end if I ever forget about this syte (I hope not!). You don't have to be a member of LiveJournal to leave a post, you can always leave what's called an anonymous, which allows whom ever may want to post to post, even if they don't have a syte, or if they're like me and are just too lazy to sign in...^^;

Alright. Well, that syte isn't totally up and running yet. I'm playing with the styles a lot, and so far...yea. Not liking it. But, I'm trying. Soooooo...I'll update you on how that's going.

Oh, and about the Willy Wonka thing...oh never mind, I'm not even going to get into that.

Well, I'm going to National Quals in Febuary. -shaking in boots- Awwww I'm scared s*%tless. -shivers- I'm doing DP, and I've never done that before so...I really doubt I'm going to place, but I'm going to place my trust in God, and try my best. If I don't place, then I know that I was just not ready for it yet, and there's always next year...and the year after that...and the year after THAT too...and if I still never Qual...well, then I REALLY suck, I guess. ^-^ But, after Quals, I'm going to be prepping for Forest Gump. Aw! It's going to be awesome! YEHYA!


Do I have anything else to say?

Yes! I am SOOOO sorry for not being able to get to anybody's sytes lately. I'm soooo sawwwry!! -sniffles- I'm going to try and make it up to everybody by visiting as many peoples' sytes today as I can. If I don't make it to everybody's, I'm sorry, I'll try even harder Saturday to finish up. ^-^ Deal?

Hm...What else was I going to say?

Oh, Friday I won't be here, because I'm going to ZE FAIR!!! Yehya! I'm going with Stephamanie, so that's why I won't be posting...It's going to be fricken sweet man...I wonder if Jimmy's going then...Aack! Stop! GEEZ.

Yea. Jimmy...Stephanie...Amedaus...Me....You can tell something's on my mind, huh? Well, Stephanie wants to go to the movies on Monday because it's her Birfday (YAY STEPHAMANIE! You survived to 15!) and she wants Ammadanish to go with because she likes him...and she wants me to go, but she doesn't want me to be bored because...yea...I'd be major bored...sittin' there, having to deal with them gazing deeply in each other's eyes and all that good crap...so she wants Jimmy to come too...#^-^# hehe. Major blush. Yea...sort of like him...still I've liked him for a while...since like...8th grade? Eesh. Too long, lol. Sooooooooooo......yep. I dunno...I dunno if he likes me or what...and I dunno if I wanna date anybody...wait...when did dating become part of this convo?! Okay, I'm not sure if I want to be in a dark, intimate area with a kinda hott guy who's a bit perverse yet...Sort of shying away since last time...ya know, the whole crash and burn relationship I had before...yup. You know what I'm talking about...

Random Question of The Day:
Do you think I'm kinda boy crazy...?

Anyway, I have to get going. You know, for not knowing what to talk about, I sure did talk a lot...

Ta Ta!


When's the last time I posted one of those? ^^;

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Hey kid!

What's crackin?!

Well, I changed my syte, because someone hacked into my other syte and changed it all up. >.< Grrrr. Anyway, I'm no longer using Your_True_Mutt, and am going to delete it (Once I figure out how...<.< >.>) Anyway, I don't really ahve this syte up and running just yet, it's quite boring looking right now, but never fear, Ellen's here! Sooo....I'll just whip myself and my Willy Wonka On outta here!!! Ta Ta!


Ignore this, I'm just saving it until I can get back on ;the computer

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

   ...I have no idea what this smiley is doing...O.O

Heylo all!

((What is that smiley up there doing?!))

What's crackin mah homeskillets?

Okay. Lemme try that again. How's it going, my friends? ^-^

hehe. Two languages right there.

I'm...tired. This morning I indebted myself, to my brother. I...nah. I don't feel like explaining.

Hey! I just helped a French lady on her computer! HAH! See that Dad?! French class does teach me something!! Muahahahahahahaha...

Ahem. Anyway...

What was I even here to talk about? I don't know. But, I have a question for you guys, so please answer to the best of your abilities~

How can a person be sad when they're happy?

Ta Ta


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