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Fancy Hearing Cake. I don't remember the first part of the name.

Hi peoples! My name is Christina. While you are here, please sign my GB and/or comment! And also please tell me if you have any DIET ideas. I am anxious to lose 50 pounds by the time school starts.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

   Linkin Park!

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man I had to go to the dentist last night and it sucked. they are sooo scary! >.< I hate em. They stuck this cardboard thing in my mouth so they could take an xray and she didnt put it in right so it hurt like hell. She also used cinnimon toothpaste and that was disgusting.And THEN she kept poking my gum with this little stick thing and it HURT! >.< but luckily i didnt have any cavitys. though they are talking about braces! NOOOOOOO!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well I don't know people. I think I might CRASH DIET before school unless I find something else to do. When I told my mom, she said it wouldn't be good for me. What do you peeps think? If you have something else I could do, please tell me!


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