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Ranma opening. For you Kathleen!
Welcome to my site!

Hi I hope my site is good now!
When you think my site is good please sign in my gb or write me an E-Mail. Hey I have open a second site. The Aim is Noir. Visit it too. And kat and kess!!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sorry that I was a long time not here, but I have a other home page. www.free-hp.com/sangoworld
Visit me there later! ;)

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Friday, August 13, 2004

   Hey read this!
Hey I have a question. What song I should give into my site?

1.this song from kingdom hearts
2.real emotion(from Final Fantasy X-2)
4. Ranma opening song.
5. Every ,two,three or four day(s) I give other song from Final Fantasy x(-2) into my site.
6. A midi from Noir
7. a song from Doremi
8. A Inuyasha Midi

Vote for your favourite song! The song with the most answer, I give into my site, okay? Also please vote for a song!

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Today is Hellsing. But it is so late.....Please help me. How I can give pictures with long URL into my site I don't know it. I have see in other sites good pics, but they URL were to long. Please help me!!!!!!
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Today is Friday the 13th. This day is my hard luck day.... I hope this Friday the 13 is not so bad. I can't go swimming today, because the wheater is soo bad. My best friend sleeeping in this moment. I hop e she have a good time. But she not much time to make her site better. So I will help her. Go to her site and sign in her gb. To that for me. She is the best friend in the worl. Next school year I am in a class , where i fall in love in a boy. My best friend was fall in love in a boy. He was a soooooo idiot. And now she she hate him too. He was so nice months ago and now he is a idiot. right. One year ago I love him too. But then , how I have saw what for a charkter he is. I hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, August 9, 2004

Today I becomethe postcard from my best friend. She is in Canada. She have a good time. Kathleen, when you write it. Thanks for the card. And now what I write is in German. Das Wetter ist zur Zeit sehr Wolkig. In der Nacht regned es immer. Es ist shön warm. Jeder Tag kommt mir vor wie 1 Jahr. So langweilig. Ich bin die meiste Zeit zuhause. Meine Mutter hat mir verboten in den hof zugehen und ich hab gar nichts getan. Schreib mir mal wieder eine Mail! So now I write in English again. Tomorrow I go swimming ( how every day....) or I go to my brother. My brother is 27 years old and have a girlfriend. He have two dogs. I like one dog( the dog from his girlfriend. And I hate the dog from my brother. The dog want bite me every. And so I'm afraid of the dog and I hate the dog. I hope tomorrow will be a better day than today....
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sweet or?

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Sunday, August 8, 2004

hey go to Noir, that's my second site. There are many pictures in the site.

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   Inuyasha and Kagome
Yesterday was awful day. I was yesterday swimming ( how erery day) but then I was in a birthstay party. A friend from my parents have birthsta. So I was at the party. There were lot's of old people. I was 7 hour by this party. It was soooooooooo boring. By the next birsthday party, I will stayed at home!
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oh oh oh cool pic or? i have this pic from one of this sites:

Hey Kathleen go to this site http://www3.topsites24.de/pro/SangosWorld/index.html . Or all should go to this site. There are many site with lot's of pictures.

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Saturday, August 7, 2004

I love this Art from pictures.

What Art from Pictures should I give into my page? From:
Card Captor Sakura
This Art from pictures
other pictures
or all from the list?
Please write the answer! And don't forget to go to my other page!

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