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Hello ^.^ This is me homepage apparently, which I've abandoned for quite some time before unearthing it.

I guess I'm just here to sit around this place like a weighed down log. I'm no good at art and I have no decent ideas at quizzes. Talk about sad, ne?

I'm trusting that if you ever manage to look at this page, that you don't abuse the fact that I put my YIM name on here. I've gotten plenty annoyed by people that just IM for idiotic reasons. It would get to anyone after awhile, wouldn't it?

I'm sort of what you would call a "pessimist" to a certain extent. I can be nice when I want to be though.

This is all you're going to know about me, 'kay? Find out for yourself anything else. As long as they ain't rumours (and yes, "ain't" is a word now, check the new dictionaries). 'Cause we all know rumours aren't very pleasant nor true at times ^-~.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

First-time Conventions Pwn!
^o^ Kumoricon! Yes, I went there.

Three hours in line


Many shops


One broke and happy otaku

Now, what did this little newbie otaku get with her scant amount of $40? Heh, let me list.

-Vol. 1 of Full Moon o Sagashite

-The first volume of Fafner in the Azure (at the bargain price of only $15!)

-A box of caramel pocky, strawberry pocky, and green tea pocky (though it seems that I'm the only one with the liking to green tea flavor...possibly because of my love of the drink?)

-A mini Kenshin keychain, and a Kaoru one as well; they were quite detailed and not cheaply done =3 Was worth the ten bucks they were all together.

- Two Transformers comics for a fellow friend who is going to love me for getting them

- Four stickers, consisting of the messages, 'BAD FANGIRL; NO YURI', 'I <3 anime.', 'can't sleep, con will eat me', and a loverly text smilie one that goes like this: '>,>'

Nice deal? Yeah...had to dip into some of my savings, shelling out five more dollars to afford it all, but hey, that's why I'm looking for a job ;D. But despite all the money spending and such, what else did I do?

Hold up a sign that said 'WILL WORK FOR MANGA' on it, of course. Got several bouts of pity and cheers from the other side of the window, not to mention some meanies holding up their Rurouni Kenshin manga at me, but I liked all the weird stares and laughs at me. I'm insane like that.

I also squealed with happiness and explosive energy when some people cosplaying from Ouran High School Host Club came, but I couldn't get out of line to glomp them like the crazy fangirl I was =(. So I just shouted out 'I heart you!', to make up for it.

Last but not least, I also tried an attempt to cosplay. Couldn't go as Chizuru from Soukyuu no Fafner (AKA Fafner in the Azure) due to a lack of doctor's coat, so I just dressed up in an all black outfit including nifty skirt and slipped my black wooden bokken down a belt loop. Looked like crap with my hair up, so I'll know next time not to do that.

With all this in mind, I plan to preregister for next year, in which my friend shall take me for all three days instead of just one. Dad's a bastard, and doesn't want to pay for anyone in the family to chaperone my still too young self (by two fricking years!) to the con. So I'm just using my friend's mother as a temporary guardian.

See you all there next year!

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