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hi and welcome to my site! hope you enjoy it. feel free to add me as a buddy but plz tell me so i can add you back! thx and hav a nice day!

Visit Ash.Tisdale101XD's site! Shes an awesome person and you know you wanna be her buddy! ;D

I play an online game called Maplestory. If you play too and on the Windia server ill be happy to add ya =)

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wow, I havn't been on here in forever o_o Well, for those of you who still visit, I just wanna say I probably won't be on anymore. (As you can see for the past months lol!) On rare occasions I will.

If you ever wanna talk to me you can go on my DeaviantArt: (Which has almost nothing in it)


Hopefully before Christmas I can upload something worth while xD


The one, the only,

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yeah, uhh if you sent me a message and you didnt get one back and all its probably casue of the version vibrant thingy. so, tell me if you dont get it back then i can message ya again. Thanks!
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