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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Open for commissions! Leave a note/comment here or http://songofarianrhod.deviantart.com/ if interested. Pricing is very negotiable.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

>.< ugh.. my scanner got returned.. T_T
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

   Back From Hiatus... sorta
Wow... aannd I'm back. :p I totally forgot about this site until yesterday when I just randomly came across it. Anyway, I'm amazingly sorry to the people who made requests and haven't gotten anything. I'm basically a deadline- challenged retard. Most of you have probably forgotten your requests anyway, but I'm really sorry for not following through. Unfortunately, with all my school worrk and outside crap, I just can't promise anything, so I'm gonna say that I can't do your requests anymore. I truly do appreciate anyone and anybody who requests/comments/views my art. It awesome to feel down and get a confidence booster, reading everyone's comments. However, like I said, I'd be lying if I said I could actually churn out a request on time, so for the time being I'm not taking any requests (unless you're willing to wait like.. 2 more years... and even then it's iffy...).
...But on the bright side:
1) I got a scanner so hopefully I'm be putting more stuff up (really old stuff though)
2) I got photoshop (but I can't really use it)
3) I have a friend who DOES know how to use it and has free time (so I can probably get her to color/teach me how to color my stuff)
4) I'm getting a job (so now I'll have more funds, hopefully a photoshop tablet before March, and some more/ better art supplies- I've had my eyes on a $250, 150 fine-tipped marker set)
5) AP Biology is stupidly easy so I've been drawing some of my outlines in that class

... hopefully with everything combined, I'll finally get some stuff up besides the 2-yr-old antiques I've had sitting around.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The lineup...
1) strawberry parfaits request
2) Mew momo request
3) my big brother :D (who got into MIT :D)
4) er... a bunch of other ppl requested but idunno if im gonna b able to get to them this school yr -_-..
5) my art contest entry-> its a national contest held annually nd sponsored by the Corcoran art college. thus,.. NOTHING WILL B POSTED APRIL 10th nd afterwards until i finish my pic.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

=_=;;... :L i F e:..
~.:.yAy! i HaV aN A iN geOmeTry HoNors thIs quArTer!! i SSSURVIVED!!!!!!!!! (not the course the teacher who i rly cant call a teacher..):.
lol.. i went on a few days ago nd it said i had 29 gb signatures nd now i have 28.. O_o.. how does that wrk? ahhhh wat evr.. sum1 musta deleted one..
neways.. about the requests.. i'm RLY rly behind.. T_T... a lot of stuff came up.. namely, my extremely dysfunctional life.. (so help me God..)

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