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I refuse to descriminate against anyone else, and I do not take shit from anyone... you wanna bring me down, best of luck to you. I "heart" music, art, my friends, horror/macabre, late nights, bubble baths, lingerie and t-shirts, NINJAS, rpgs, gaiaonline, more music, my room, uhhh.... anime (obviously), Jess, Brad, Fonda, Trevor, Shawn, Ashley, Janet, Paul, Joey, Calix, everyone. Yarrrr.

If you sign my guestbook I'm sure to get back to you; all comments on artwork are appreciated!

Rawr rawr says zee wild moofinator *ninja stance*
Kickin' ass and taking names. alllllll the time. eats it for breakfast. with.. My giganormous rusty SPATCHULA.
fo shizzle my nizzle, M to the ooooooofin. xD

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...............I SLIPPED ON A FROZEN SOCK.
[kickin nipples off]
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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   Hey you!
yes you *twitchy eye* SoooOOOOooo.. we're back to playing the single game! wheeeee T____T
meh, I'll be alright. Trevor, aka my ex, Drugofthefallen (on gaia) is back. We're still great friends, and I helped him get his site up and running once more.. so please go say hello ^___^ thanks, later!

P.S. For those of you who remember the Fallen Lovers, now That Im back.. I plan on updating it very, very soon
*nods frantically*

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

   Look who's back!
Rawr, how are my otaku peeps lately?
Fallen O is back ;)
to stay, ho yeah.
things are... how they usually are for me: complicated. But Im good ^__________^
Im dealing, people seem to be coming and going from my life, but Im still here, thats all that matters. Anyways, hello again to all of you. I plan on getting around to all the old sites again. Im clearing off my friendlist, no offense to any of you. Just wanna start fresh, I'll add back anyone that bothers to post/comment/pm me. So cha. Later ppl, love ya-

- Fallen O, aka.. Moofin.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Sorry about not taking tha advice left for me, about um.. trying female, lol... I just dont swing that way.. but! I have a new guy! and Im on fuckin, cloud nine all over again, never been better! Im about to post some more art as well, Im back into it.. feeling great!
His name is Joey, and he's the shit! hahah, yayness. Love you all, and special hiya toe abc kid, I miss you man!

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