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Hello fellow thrashers of the fallen society this is your wicked fly guy Robert telling y'all all to enjoy your stay and thank you for finding interest in this series rock on laddies.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fallen: Rain, rain, go away
Update: Well lately there has been some talk about the series fallen and i would like to ask you all to rate the story from a 1-10. I would like the viewers(meaning you awesome people)to tell me what stands out in the story and what could make it better.

*sips coffee* well time for me to work into the night*yawns* enjoy the chapter v//.^V

[Chapter 19]

+As we leap through the high grass i can't shake the newly formed information that i have just learned a few moments ago. How do you serve justice to the one you love? how do you show them harm? is it wrong to protect them to what is suppose to be handed their way? I wonder as i stare in the direction of my lovers face+

Ace:*while moving at high speeds* we should find a place to set up camp after what we just went through don't you think Loki. *makes sure grace doesn't fall*

Loki:*while running on fours* hmm i guess you are right *looks near his back to where sunflower sleeps* yeah my Lil sis does need some rest any who.

Fu fu:*scans the area for a resting place* there looks to be one about 30 yards from here over the hill there.

=The sun is out today and the flowers are blooming=

-Nearing the area-

Ace: So Loki are you alright?*tries to cover his worry*

Loki:*touches around the hole in his chest* erm..i think so*stares straight forward*

Fu fu:*catches up to Loki speed and runs beside him* love you haven't talked to me in awhile why is this?

Loki:*glares* you killed my parents did you not(grr)

=It's such a bad day for the sun to shine i think=

Fu fu:0.0 why are you like this towards me?!?*eyes start to water*

Loki:*teeth begin to show* i should cut you down where you stand for what you did!!! *chi starts to surround Loki* YOU SHOULD DIE!!!!!*stops at full pace as sunflower hangs on to his fur*

Ace:*sees Loki and stops* Loki this is not the time*puts grace down*

Loki:*glares at ace* she must die ace!!!!!! *returns glare back at fu fu* and she will(grr)*removes sunflower from self and places her on the soft grass*

=It should be raining for such a day as itself=

Fu fu:*screams at Loki*I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE YOUR PARENTS!!!

Loki:don't give me that crap*balls fist*

Ace:*steps slowly in front of Loki's way* now i will say this once Loki and only once*cold stare* stop this so we can set up camp and continue our quest*grabs shirt* STOP BEING SUCH AN IDIOT!!!

Loki:*punches ace hard in the mouth sending him to the floor*

Fu fu:Loki!!

=It feels like rain i think=

-grace and sunflower come to-

Grace:*sits up* wha..*looks at the occurring display taking play*

Sunflower: no!! *jumps up but stumbles*

Loki:*turns to sunflower with head down* sister stay where you stand.

=There is a small silence=

Sunflower:*stares at Loki with an unsure look on her face* yes brother.

Grace:*sits there without a word*

Loki:*stands there as the wind blows* move ace so i can commit the justice

Ace:*smirks* you know me Loki *jumps up and while doing so knees Loki in the neck making he fumble backwards* once i see a friend in need i try to save them no matter what *pops each and every claw* even if that means kicking their ass *rushes Loki*

=Ace is too much of a good guy you know=

Loki:*moves to the side avoiding ace and close-lines ace across the rib cage*

Fu fu:*Beings to run to ace's aid*

Ace: stay fu fu*begins to get up* stop in your footsteps(chuckles)Loki needs to realize that mistakes are made and people should be forgiven second chances *gets up* I'll make sure he sees this*smirks* this should be fun.

Loki:*looks at ace* she killed my mother and father why do you protect her!!!!

Ace:/vanishes/ *appears in the side view of Loki's eyesight in mid air* cause I'm not blinded by confusion like you*sweeps across with a powerful kick to Loki's face sending him flying through the air*

Loki:>.< ack!!

=What does he mean by confusion?=

Ace:*appears right above Loki*

Loki*swings at ace*

Ace:*smirks* your so slow you know that *dodges all the attacks and elbows Loki into the earths crust*

Grace:*thinks to herself* =(how would someone react knowing that their love one was the hand of death to their own living flesh)=

Sunflower:*worried look on face*

=Ace your such a good guy=

Ace:*bites his thumb to where the blood runs down his hands* -art of the wind storm- *places one hand over his chest and another pointed at Loki*

Loki:*place fingers into the soil* -art of the dusty rain claw-*eyes glow pure white*

Fu fu/Grace/Sunflower:*speechless*

Ace:*drives at fast pace towards Loki* here i come!!!!!*body burns the mid-day sky as he drives towards Loki in a bright light of a bloody red*

Loki:*shoots up towards ace at break-necking speeds* get ready ace!!!!!!*dirty burst of green flows over Loki body as he shoots up towards ace*

=Let it rain today=

Loki/Ace: YOU FALL NOW!!!!!!!!!

[end of chapter 19]

Comments from author: Well guys tell me what you think and speak you mind openly about this chapter *rubs chin* this one sits really well with me but I'll let the people decide^^

Sleep is the cousin of death so keep one eye open,

-Robert (CEO of Fallen)

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Peaceful morning porch
Peaceful morning porch...
I wake up without words but with my music pouring from my body;
The covers feel warm against my skin as my head presses against the soft pillow that supports my dreams;
I hug myself in private so no one can see the hurt that has made itself comfortable in me;

[It's feeling a bit like Boston i think]

I sit up straight as my feet dangle over my broken memories and my barely pieced together future;
But i don't show any emotions of sorrow nor any bit of despair;
I am feeling a little bit lucky i guess maybe that is for such emotions to run strong over my beaten and bruised body;

[Mercy from the skies maybe]

But I'll show honor in such mercy and lean on it for a while as i ride in and out of the difficult times;
It's almost like I'm using a cheat to step ahead of things;

It's okay to cheat every now and then right?

[I truly don't know the outlook on this]

But I'll take it for all it's worth so for that i won't let it go to waste;
"Take a good foot out on today's world then put your chin up", someone with a nameless face would say;
"Of course why not", I'll slip as i fumble my words;

This feels like an educational video.


P.s: This poem that i wrote is how the inside of me feels to a tee...it holds, sorrow, hope ,joy, and wonder but yet never lets neither of these four loose from it's chains which create me. Looks like this is the format of who i really am...how so very strange.

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