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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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EdxEnvy (12/09/06)

OMG! I miss you a lot:D Also, I don't go to AIM no more because everytime I reboot the computer, it earse my buddy list T_T So, do you have yahoo or msn?

Sweet-Mizuki (12/09/06)

Thankyou very much for signing my guestbook! I love your site sooo much! it's really nice! I'll add you as well

Take Care

DarkDestinedAngel (12/08/06)

Hey there! ^_^

thanks for stopping by my site and signing my guest book and adding me! ^^ oh, and yes the pictures and the theme on my site is from the Anime Loveless. Loveless, is a yaoi and somewhat of a yuri anime. But i think its awesome! ^_^

And thank you for not caring about me supporting Yaoi and Yuri and yes it is annoying when people bash it..T_T it drives me crazy. Im glad to meet someone that dosent care and dislikes homophobes XP like me.

You sound a lot like me XD Im lazy as heck. which isnt good for the fact that im homeschooled T_T' and i dislike racism and prejudice. and it seems we went to similar schools thats how my middle school was..rough! but its all good XD

Btw I love your site its an awesome layout. you're great with HTML! your site is one of the coolest ones i've seen here on MyO ^^ good job!

Well im going to be off now And of course i will add you as well I hope to talk to you soon Happy Holidays!


ASH Hikari (12/08/06)

Konnichiwa! Thank you so so much for signing my guestbook! And for adding me! And for sharing your amusing stories, lol. I'm going to add you as well ^_^

You sound a lot like me! In a lot of ways. I like to be alone. I don't like crowds! I like Sharpies to death, but I don't know about sniffing them XD. I love rainstorms, but I love snowstorms even better. I can't stand racism and prejudice. I'm ususally pretty quiet, but if anyone discriminates against someone, I certainly don't stay quiet. I rarely think ahead...I'm lazy as heck...I don't think I'm bipolar, but I'm something similar...I don't like being pitied either. And we like a lot of the same animes. And I wanna learn Japanese too! It is such a cool language!

Yeah, I'm late for school everyday too! The teachers don't even take my late slips anymore. I have so many that I'm always prepared when someone needs scrap paper xD.

*Cough* Anyways, enough about our similarities. I've gotta go, so I'm gonna do that. But I absolutely adore your site (awesome layout; you must be good at HTML) and everything's awesome. I hope we'll be friends and I'll talk to ya later! Until then, enjoy the days of winter!


Rakshasa (06/24/06)

I like your site! But it is missing something..... Oh! I know! It is missing tigers and wolves!..... :0 (dumdfound) well nice site anyway! *Chants a exiting spell* Izagot izagot nar eszatga *big boom of screatching,* bye now my friend *waves*.

disasterrr (06/13/06)

i love your layout it`s super creative. your avtar is great as well :]. i use to know so much html and css like you, i guess i forgot alot of those things. we have a few things in common and such =]anyway i hope we get to know each other and become friends soon? pm me if you`re bored or if you just want to talk. =]


PsychoChaosNinja (05/12/06)

Hey, thanks for signing my guestbok. Your site is nice, but I don't really like the color pink. The layout is very nice. I'll add you as a friend. See ya.

akkaime, aya (05/12/06)

awesome site!!! the layout is sooo cool!!! you do have alot of favs!!! addin' ya as a friend!!! c ya!!!

kawaiixalchemist (05/11/06)

Thanks for signing by guestbook and i'm so sorry >.< my backround picture wouldnt load so now i changed the font colour and the backround with an image that works XD

Kurosaki Ishimaru (05/11/06)

Thanks for signing my GB...
yes I've been myo before...^^
quit after reached my anniversary...
anyhow yes Irvine is such a beautiful place^^

Everyone has those nice div layout sites... I wish I have time and skill to make those layouts^^ Me very busy..^^
also I let others know... don't call me by my real name.. call me Ishichan...^^ I don't like online people calling me that way^^

anyhow... I don't mind adding me...
keep in touch...

~Peace OUT~

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