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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 01/01/08:
that me^^

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What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
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Result Posted on 01/01/08:

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What CLAMP Heroine Are You?
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Result Posted on 09/16/07:

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What’s Your Bleach Fun-ness Level?
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Result Posted on 09/03/07:

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What's Your Naruto Team?
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Result Posted on 09/02/07:

What Type Of Faerie Are You? (8 detailed answers + anime pics)

The Faerie that you represent is the Ljosalfar, or Light Elf. You dwell within the land of Alfheim and are gifted in White Magic. Beautiful and nurturing, you thrive with the other Light Elves in your own world.Color: Light GreenMetal: IronTime: NightElement: EarthAttribute: LightCourt: Seelie (Blessed) Court
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Result Posted on 09/02/07:

Interview With the Cast of Naruto: Their View of You as a Ninja (w/pix. meant for girls. Sorry, guys! ^_^;;) by Paint_It_Blue
Your Name/Username
Your Favorite Color is
Your Age
You're a Ninja of theHidden Mist Village
Your Appearance
NarutoYou are best buddies- u two go around pulling pranks, eating ramen, and just having fun; You're like the sister he never had.
SasukeThinks you are way too hyper.
SakuraDoesn't know much about you.
KakashiSees you as having great potential.
NejiThinks you are attractive, but that's all.
TenTenDislikes you cuz u hang out with Neji a lot.
Rock LeeThinks that you're no match for him.
KibaIs developing a crush on you- you make him feel all tingly inside. ^^
ShinoWould only laugh for you.
HinataThinks you are trying to get with Naruto.
ShikamaruWould much rather go with Temari than you.
InoThinks you're teaming up w/Sakura to bring her down.
ChoujiWants to squish u with his rolling attack for calling him a fattie.
JiraiyaDislikes you for calling him "Ero-sennin" all the time.
TsunadeHates you for talking behind her back about her *ahem* "excessive cleavage".
OrochimaruIs considering taking your body instead of Sasuke's.
KabutoHas no idea who u are.
ItachiWould like to catch u alone in a dark alley. o.O
KisameHates you for calling him "Ugly Shark Face" all the time.
GaaraThinks you'd make a great leader someday.
TemariIs your best friend- you talk to each other about everything and train together all the time. You're like sisters.
KankuroWants to trap u inside one of his puppets and kill u.

Result Posted on 08/31/07:

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What Village Are You From?
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Result Posted on 08/29/07:

Your Naruto Life (girls, unless you want to take it, guys) by onyx_spades
Fave Character?
Weapon of choice?
Favorite kind of Pie
how much everyone likes you:
Naruto says:feh.. ramen is waaaay better
Sasuke did:Got REEEEEALLLY red and stormed off...
Sakura hates you becauseSasuke adores you
Kakashi thinks:your like a daughter to him
Sand sibs:They are after u...
Team Gai:Neji thinks your hot (BACK OFF!! *throws kunai*)
TEam Kurenai:Hinata is your best friend
Team Asuma:Ino's your bff
The Akatsuki is after you because...Your after them, u want to join them
And, using my psychic powers, i can tell you liked

Result Posted on 08/28/07:

What do the Bleach characters think of you?

Ichigo: Dude, you're really dark...even for me.Orihime: You're really...un-peppy...stay away....Tatsuki: You're creepy.CHAD: ...Mn...(You're so...not cute...creepy, like...keep away)Ishida: We're friends.Kon: No way, man!!! YOU'RE SCARY!!!Keigo: MAN!! You're CREEPY!!Mizuiro: You scare the hell out of me...Rukia: You're....OK...?Kisuke: You're...strange....*scoots away*Byakuya: You're an...aquaintance of mine...(Inner Byukuya: FRRIIIIIIEEEENNNDD!! *superflyingtacklepounce*)Renji: you're freeeaky.Kaname: You're very creeepy. STAY AWAY!! away!Shuuhei: You're creepy in a professional creepy way.Karin: Freaky. Do you and Ichigo hang?Yuzu: Ohmigod! Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod! STAY BACK FOUL BEAST!Isshin: Lighten up.....dude.Zaraki: You are my bestest friend. totally.Yachiru: I hate you!!! Ken-chan likes you more than me!! *gasp* *sob*Hanatarou: *whiny voice* you scare me. plez stay away. PLEASE!!Ganju: Youa freaka the hella outa me...a. (this is my quiz. he shall talk as i command)Ichimaru: Godd times....good times....*cough* dark *cough cough*Aizen: I wish you to join my evil ALLIANCE!! yes.Jyuushirou: Lighten up like a light bulb. HAPPINESS! happy happy joy joy!! nessMayuri: I want to experiment on you're body. (YES I KNOW!!)Nemu: If Cap-ten likes you. I guess it's enough. (yes, now shut up)Yoruichi: You're like black velvet. Slightly shiny but not very happy. (horrible metaphor i know, but it is none the less)Toshirou: Who? Oh, i don't give a shit.Rangiku: *My client has a restraining order on you. You must remain at least 500 million feet back. Plez do that now.*Ikkaku: You are the sole member of my "you're okay i guess" list. mazletov. (dobe: what?! mori: meh.)Yumichika: You're really really really really really really really really really really creepy. and unbeautilicious. go away.The Hollows in general: You're so cool!! We want you! now!....................beware........BALTO!!: What...do... you WANT!?!?!?!? i am not a Bleach person or a Naruto person. PLEZ JUST GO AWAY!! leave me in peace.........beware.....
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Result Posted on 08/25/07:

What kind of friend are you?(anime pics)

You are almost a sister/brother to your best friend(if already aren't), you have a very special friendship...You're nice and loyal. That's really nice, you are a life-time friend!
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