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hello everyone. how are you doing? i'm great this is my new site? i hope that you guys like my site. thank you for coming to my site and please sign my GB! love you

feel free to add me as a fiend i don't care! its all good
bye bye

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

   its me agian
i'm bored. o hwell. i have to go and i just messed that up. oh well i have togo ok? byebye
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hey everyone. sorry that i haven't been on. nothing much has happened here. my and my best friend where in the family dollar and we started to spray eachother with fabreeze. oh man we smelled terrible. and then we were playing with the tag or axe body spray and i sprayed her. and then we both got a little buzz off of the sprays. and then we were both eating fudge popsicles and gummy bears and we were making them sit on top of the popsicle and it was really fun. it was stupid but it was really fun. i love being with her. she is just so much fun. and we just understand eachother. that is why she is my bestest friend.

that was pretty fun. I don't know what i'm going to do after high school. i need to get rolling.

anyways i'm starting to get a head ache and i don't have anything to take my medicine with. it sucks. i want to change my back ground. i wanna put a fairy on it.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

   hey ehy ehy asdf;alksjdfiae
don't ask i'm bored and in pain. here are some questions:
1.are you a purple people eater?
2.do you like long walks on the beach
3.have you ever harmed and animal willingly?
4.who is your bestest friend?
5.what color are my eyes
6.whats my name?

thank you have a nice day!!

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Monday, March 6, 2006

   hallo everyone that isn't coming to my site
wow my count is really low. i can't believe that you people just left me like that. -_-
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