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Friday, November 25, 2005


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random rant 6
i feel sad.
wanna knoe why?
its because i looked at a picture of the guy i really like. but the problem is i live here in Cali and he lives half way across the world in the philippines. damn. hes so hot 2.
ok wat ever on a higher note i got straight As. who else got straight As? oh yeah who likes my new avi i think its cute lol.
im so bored!
ok i gotta go now evil monkeys are atackin my cousin.bye bye!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

plz do not mind the gap

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Random rant 5
i fell down!!!!! wahhhh!! we were playing a game during pe 2day and i triped wen i jumped and then lost my balance and fell down and did abouta 2 foot slide. now i have this huge gash on my elbow and waist (cuz i fell sideways). i went to the office and they made me put this type of cleaning alcohol thing on it. it hurt more doin that than bein on the ground. but actually i just started laughing cuz aside from the pain it was fun lol.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   sweet love
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Saturday, October 1, 2005

this is my song!!!!!

Music Video Codes

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

random rant 4
hey wanna hear a story?.... well guess wat.. u dont have a choice! ok lets begin, i have a friend her names raven rite, ok so 1 day some chick really pissed her of(i 4got why) so one day raven found out that chicks p.e. locker combination,so she found a dead squirell in the road, and put it in that chicks locker. lol! i wasnt there but i wish i was! they said she was totally freeking out! now 4 the comments part plz put ne good combacks or forms revenge that u would like 2 do 2 some1 who pisses u of! or u could just write something random likeBLUBERRY CHEESECAKE!!! those comments r always welcome here. thank u 4 your time.(and soul).
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

random rant 3
u knoe wat i hate?.......... no i guess u dont.... nvm then.. oh rite in afew dayz my skool is like havin a thing wer like all the clubs r goin into the quad(our version of the center of our skool) neway.... like im thinkin of joinin the filipino club and hip hop club. wat do u think?... well... ya.....wats clubs r u guyzs in?
ok new topic......... neone out there got a topic i can write about cuz im so friggin bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!! skoolz a total wash! i got friggin swimming 4 pe! so im like now 3times darker than i was b4!! so... like ppl u gottta help me out here.... and give me something 2 do. thank u 4 your help. L8er!

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

random Game

I thank Steve for this game

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Friday, September 2, 2005

Random Rant 2
DUDE!!!! wtf! today was freshman friday! AND I LIVVVVVED! u knoe freshman friday..... wen all the seniors try and can the fresham in the trash! i didnt get canned but my friend did! wat a loser! well he wasnt really my freind he was my cuzins friend... so i can make fun of him all i want!oh yeah did i mention that i am the only friggin freshan in my spanish class! damnit! theyr all twice my size! or more! so u can tell i was kinda afraid cuz like the teacher left the class roo 4 like 5 mins. and i was left all a lone with all these seniors!theyr like huge! im 5'2"! and 94 friggin pounds! im not that skinny, just really sall build an fast etabolism! My skool is so friggin big i got lost! i looked like an idiot! and u can tell who wer the freshman they r the 1s who have a friggin map in theyr hand and look like some moron who just stepped out of a friggin space ship! and 2 make things worse we got homework on the friggin 1st day of skool and a test 2day! damnit do u ever wonder wat bit our teachers in the azz that made them hate us so much?! jeez! no offence 2 all the nice teachers out there! u knoe the once that let u listen music in class and eat and drink. and the ones that let u want movies and have class parties as rewards. yeah u knoe those kinds! ok neway plz leave a comment on wat yer skool is like and about watever fucked up teachers u have and wat halfazzed skool traditions u guyzz have. or if ya just wanna rant on yerself! ok L8er!
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