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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

random rant 3
u knoe wat i hate?.......... no i guess u dont.... nvm then.. oh rite in afew dayz my skool is like havin a thing wer like all the clubs r goin into the quad(our version of the center of our skool) neway.... like im thinkin of joinin the filipino club and hip hop club. wat do u think?... well... ya.....wats clubs r u guyzs in?
ok new topic......... neone out there got a topic i can write about cuz im so friggin bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!! skoolz a total wash! i got friggin swimming 4 pe! so im like now 3times darker than i was b4!! so... like ppl u gottta help me out here.... and give me something 2 do. thank u 4 your help. L8er!

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