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Welcome to the lair of Evil Panda!!! No flash photography please or you will upset the panda.

Here is my policy for all ym newcomers:
1)If you sign my book I'll sign yours. Simple as that

2)I don't guarantee that you'll be on my friend's list. i'm gunna limit the list to people I talk to frequently

3)Write more in my guestbook then 'Cool site add me.' This is the twenty-first century people we are not cavemen! Surely you are capable of making conversation.

4)Yaoi rocks. No questions asked. Flame yaoi and you lose your soul priveledge(sp?)

-|-Evil Panda-|-

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Post #1
Welcome visiters to my little corner of TheOtaku! I am Evil Panda and this is my first post. Being that it is my first post I hardly doubt anyone is reading this so I guess I'll just talk to myself (though that is not unusual for me).

If for some odd reason someone IS reading this then once again I welcome you! I know my site isn't all flashy with HTML and whatnot (though it could be) that is jsut the way I like it. Btw I made my avvie all by myself on MSPaint. That's how I came up with my alias for this site. I'm not too big on fanart but I might post an ecard here and there. Mostly I'll probably visit people's sites or critisize fanart (because we all know how fun THAT is)

So there we have it! Our introduction is complete. Time for me to wander and learn the different mechinisms of this site...and perhaps sign a few guestbooks.

-|-Evil Panda-|-

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