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Name's Hayley, I'm 16 and I'm from Scotland, where it always rains!
I love yaoi so much, especially Eerie Queerie, FAKE, Loveless and Tactics, which isn't yaoi but Haruka and Kantarou are meant to be together, and that is implied...i wonder when season 2 will come out, if there is one...which there better! Currently I'm in love with the series Tactics and Code Geass, cause they are great, even though the last two episodes of Code Geass haven't even been shown in Japan yet so i have to wait to watch them (yeah, cause I am soooo not watching them on the internet lol.) Lelouch is sooo hot! And so is Kantarou and Haruka!! Hehe.
I love being evil, by the way, because of Marik and Bakura from a few years ago! And by the way, I love hot evil guys as you might have guessed lol. I also love many other anime guys, but i won't delve too deeply into that matter...
Eh hahahah! I said this would be short....^^'
Well, I think that's all...oh yeah! These 3 songs are my favourite Japanese songs at the moment...no surprise that one is the Tactics opening and another one is the Code Geass opening lol! ^^ xx
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I can still...post?

But I thought this had stopped? Or was posting on myotaku brought back by popular demand or something?

Not that it matters, for I have been forgotten. *sniffles*

Looks like I shall have to rebuild my life on the good old Otaku! =D

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Monday, July 16, 2007

uploading manga onto theotaku is the single most tediuos thing I have EVER done.

oh yeah, and happy birthday to me, for yesterday. lawl. Now I'm 16!!!
But back to the point. <------there it is, after the word "point". I'm so weird...
yeah, uploading manga is so boring! it takes so long, repetitively going back to the same page to upload the next page of my manga, when i have, like, 30-odd pages to upload! gahhhh! And then one of my fanarts is too big so i have to resize it, then I discover that my dad doesn't have any picture editing tools! rawr!!!
Good news: I'm going to buy manga tomorrow!!!! i really wanna buy Legal drug vol 1, but it isn't out over here in Scotland till August! *cries* But Kare Kano vol 1 is out now, so I'll try and get it. I also have been trying to find vol 5 of DNAngel desperately for ages! (nearly a year). But I am also in need of a new shonen-ai series, since i have collected all of both FAKE and Eerie Queerie now...Eerie Queerie ended far too suddenly and there wasn't enough yaoi action *sniffles* but i loves it anyway! ^^
Well i won't bore you anymore, though I am feeling rather sad at the fact that I seem to have been forgotten about on theO, since I've not had the internet for so long. And I only have it atm coz I'm at my dad's, so fingers crossed it's been turned on again on my computer when i get home on friday! ^^ And that's all! xx

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Ok, so it hasn't been off the whole time since April, but, y'know, I have been busy, very very busy!!! I have drawn soooo much and I'll be scanning them in at some point this weeks (yes, really) and I'll also be scanning in my manga, Sea of Broken Dreams, since chapter one is finally finally finished!
At the moment, the internet is still of but I'm at my daddy's (what a kid I am) so I'm on his computer!
God...I bet no-one can be bothered with me anymore...lol...
Guess what?! I'm sixeteen on the 15th of July, which is in 2 days!!!! wooooooo!!! I'm sooooooo happy!!!!
And on that note, I'll stop talking. or typing. I think i will update on my birthday!! ^^ x

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

   My Exams are nearly OVER!!!!!

I can't believe it, I only have my art exam left! All my 7 other exams went pretty well, i'm sure, if maths which I hate so much!
I've had trouble with other things but i won't mention what for the sake of the people involved. However I hold no regret in GLARING AT SHOJO GIRL XXX for all the groundless slander she heard about me that she seems to have thought was maybe true!!! Grr, how many times must people discuss me for what ever reason behind my back?! Wait, don't answer that question...people are only human, after all, we're all cursed to gossip about others...dammit...
i am happy though, for one of the nuclear power stations in Scotland was knocked down today, and I hope all of the rest follow! Hahahahahaha! Why, I talk about such non-teenage issues for a soon-to-be 16 year old! But I suppose I'm not your average teenager, either...
I have been waiting a week and a half for vol 2 through 7 of FAKE, the yaoi-est manga ever!!! I ordered them off of amazon.co.uk and they promised to dispatch them within 24 hours and halve them sent in between 2-4 working days. However, after 6 days of nothing, I got my step-dad to check up the status of the order, and guess what? THEY HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN DISPATCHED YET. Even now I don't know if they have been dispatched...maybe I should ask my step dad to check...I want them to arrive sooooooo badly!!
I bought a book yesterday called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, and I had it finished by 10 o'clock this morning. I loved it sooo much! It was about a romance between a vampire and a human. That sounds dead gothic but it wasn't really. The imagery it placed in your head was amazingly beatiful and dazzling! It should sooooo be made into a manga! Though I wonder if any manga-ka would be able to do the vampire, Edward, any justice. He is beatiful, even just from his descriptions you knew that. He was meant to be beatifully perfect anyway. I soo need to buy New Moon, the sequel...
Sorry! Are you guys asleep yet??
I so need to scan my new artwork in, cause my other stuff is nearly a year old! *shock*
Well, I better be going! ^^

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