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Sunday, July 2, 2006

it seems he is like a drug. nothing else could possible make me feel the way that he does, and I'm completely addicted to him. lol!
I sound like one of those rambling people. It's just when he is around i feel content, complete... but when he is somewhere else I feel like part of me is missing, almost like a giant hole in my stomach and i just can't live without that space filled.

Well it was justins 18th birthday party yesterday, started off with a train trip, watching Helsing in his cold dungeon like room (but i was warm cause he was with me and everyone else was freezing... -minius milky and chicken lol) [and yes they are real people lol] Then there was a good old laser hunt, outside in a forest. I actually came 2nd in the survial of the fittest round... Even thoug my team lost every team round :P. (And I deiny all aligations of being really experienced with guns) XD

Then we went back to Justin's watched shawn of the dead and zoolander. Played some card, played this game 'I never' and talked, listen to music, watched more Helsing. Went to sleep at 5 am and woke at 7am. No one else was up so i just got ready and then was loafing around untill 9 when Justin came to collect me, had food, watched more Helsing, watched family guy and then got driven home.

Currently I am too tired after bad holiday sleeping patterns to make that sound as interesting as it actually was and even too tired to go to school tomorrow >_<... Yet I';; be going anyway *sigh*

So i'm going to send this now, in hope of not blacking out before i am able to. lol
so take care all
much love
-Miss Kage Oukami

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A single tear of blood flows unco-ordinately from from the wound, her eye twitching fretfully from the pain. She released that grenade and through it over the wall. This was war.
No going back. Not now, not ever.
she picked up the long silver blade in her left hand and inhaled deeply, trying to stop the pulse of poison painful being forced through her veins.
She was going to die without one last fight.

She flinched as her foot touched the ground. 3, 2... 1. Ignoring the the red foot prints she was leaving behind and the feeling of weakness pulling her towards the ground she ran toward her enemys, letting out her battle roar.

She knew every second that past could be her last, she swiftly gathered her strength and thrusted the sword into a un-expecting enemy. The human crashed into the ground at a rate so fast that she could her his bones snap as they hit the jaggered rocks. The other surviving humans looked at her, unsure at what to expect, the raised their swords.

She couldn't fight it for much longer, she fell on her knees, corpses lined the floor. She fell forward onto all fours, the world around her spining as her heart pounded in her head.
a small dagger raise in the air somewhere above her, but she could not jugde the distance.
'Wait!' another human shouted. She voice tired seemed to eccho through her head.
'Why?' the voice of the human near her's voice distorted in her head.
'She is possibly the last of her kind'
'It just seems to cruel to kill her.'
'Oh so its fine for 8 of them to kill roughly 40 of us but you want to leave the last one alive so we can all go through this again.'
'you have no heart'
'do they have a heart?'
The female reached down and took the dagger out of her twisted foot, banaged it and gave her a dose of a simple anadote.
'I think her foot is broken'.
'You realise that we are ment to be clearing out these forest. Sir Mashobani will want to flatten them for his kindom, do you want to have to stand up to him on behalf of this creature?'
'Maybe they would of treated us alot nice if we hadn't come and started killing off the animals. Besides she is a warrior, she desevres a fate better than you sword, she might even have a family relying on her...'
'OMG! They are ALL going to be KILLED ANYWAY! What do you care?'
'Your so insensitive'
'Your so frustrating'
'Kalya, help me get her to safe ground.'
'ahh.. It could bite, you could catch something, and what if they see her, like there is more of them or something, they could be angry or somet..'
'KALYA! Take a breath, your going blue. I doubt that if we are helping it that it would hurt us and more of them is just a risk we will have to take.'
She lost conciousness and drifted into a world of black.

She awoke to the sound of running water. They had moved, the grass was green here, it sounded more peaceful. But she could sense something wrong. we ears twitched in turn listening for movement in the distance.
They were in the danger zone.
'who...' she tried to speak, taking fast short breaths.
'Rest, you still are rather weak. You injurys are healing but slowly and you been unconcious for 2 hours.' pausing for a moment she then added ' oh and I'm Nerashri'
Little did Nerashri know, her strength was recovering fast as the poison had been treated, it was in her blood to recover fast.
but the she heard it slow movements, about a kilometre away. They got fast, heading in the humans direction, they were no doubt to noisy to hide from the creatures in this area.
She quickly pulled herself to her feat and lunged infront of one of the humans just catching a creature before it managed to sink its teeth into the humans flesh. She quickly threw it into a nearby oak, the creature retreating without a glance back.

'What was that?'another human... Why he was just a kid, maybe 18 years. There were only four humans left and from what she had heard she easily identifed them.
'that was a berigera' she replied. 'A cross of a bear, tiger, cheater and bull. It can move faster that you can think'
'I... I did... Didn't know you could crosed such species, they ar so different.' Kalya found her voice again.
'A humman mutated them, there a four still living.'
'So whats your name?'
'So can I cal you Eve?'
'I'm Kalya, thats caos-helado- The youngest of us- You can call him Cass for short and that is Anz - No one can manage his real name except him. He doen't open up to people easily, so don't take any offense of it...'
'And Kalya never stops talking' Narshri butted in. 'We should ge moving.'
The all head east, Envenene could tell that the humans where no in the best condition, the less time they waited in the beautiful gardens of Carli the best.

much love -Miss Kage Oukami
(Was bored)

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

This is just a quick post in memory of mum (Charmaine) She is greatly loved and missed and one of the most beautiful people in the world.
She stood by me the first 16 years on my life, through good and bad. I just wish that we could of had an extra day, at least a few extra hours, was going to see her and just before we got to leave she passed away.
I hope that she will Rest In Peace and that where ever she is now I hope she is no longer in pain, that she no longer has to suffer through every day.

We all knew she didn't have long, but it doesn't make it any easier to take. She will never be forgotten and lives on in our hearts.
I know in this life I will never see her again or laugh with her.

I just hope she enjoyed the time she had with us and it ment as much to her as it did to us.

And thank you for the support everyone ^_^.

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

15 minutes in reality
So here I am once again
thought it was about time I updated ^_^
actually I might even post up a storry I wrote in a week or two or whenever I manage to get on the internet.

Well so far things are awesome... Was walking with a good friend of mine on friday and her significant other and on saturday she came to Eastland and met my significant other (Xelon) for the first time ^_^

she end up going home and me and Xelon went and saw a movie. Sadly the person who served us gave us the wrong tickets and so we saw the wrong movie...

ummm what was it called... the inside man? or something like that. I don't think it was worth seeing, really fake and over done. But hey I got to spend some time with 2 of my favourite people in the world ^_^. Infact my bestest friend was busy But I will catch up with her soon!

meanwhile, I have noticed a few people from myotaku disapearing over the months... That sorta includes me, but I come back even if it's 6 months since my last post. *Sigh* Missing some of these people as they are some of the most interesting people I have met, hopefully they will return someday.

Dancing, hair dyers, boxers, Bull, bugs, lycanthropes, grass stars, kangaroos fighting with wombats.... These are all somethings from my life recently...
Also fish, surfboards, cars, purple chickens, Bridges, saber-tooth tigger and of course elephants!- These will all be explained if I manage to post up my story.
cya l8r
much love
-Miss Kage Oukami

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A blue frost over the horrizon
Ever felt really insecure or depressed or had this feeling that you would never be happy again?
It took me so long to start looking on the brighter side, so long to drag myself off the floor and back into a stable world.
But now everything is great.

Ok sure, my life is far from and maybe not all that different than it was before. I found reasons not to give up on anything, or be sad. Most of all I recenly found someone who by just being there, makes me happy. Just talking to them or hearing from this person puts me in a great mood for hours and no one can snap me out of it. ^_^
This person means the world to me and if anything happened to him I would die. >_<

I have never loved anyone more and especially in such a short time. I just can't wait to catch up with him.
For everything that my life that could be alot better, I wouldn't change it. If I did I would be such a different person and I wouldn't of met all the people in my life today. And the turth is I wouldn't trade them for the world ^_^

Thank you all so much for being the awesome people you are.
I shall visit you all soon.
much love
-Miss Kage Oukami

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Darkest Light in histroy
Heya There! ^_^ It's me!
I was going for ages, I know. Didn't have time to get on the computer, next holidays are coming to an end and you all didn't think you could get rid on me that easy, did ya? *poke*

On the 21st I had an awesome birthday ^_^. One of my friends had her 18th party on the day so I went to that and saw a few of my friends and came home and had family over and then I went to a friend place at like 10.30 at night and we went to the city the nexr day ^_^
We got sticker photos yay!!!

I think that I have pretty much decided to move on with life and just forget about everything making me sad that I probably shouldn't just forget. o.O
But it's all good, because I have the most awesome friends in the world, from everywhere XD! ^_^.
I love you all muchly, and you have not let me fail this far. :P

Was talking to the monkey in my hair the other day... The monkey said, 'You know all this is gonna end badly hun'. I just reply 'Ya, I know that I will never really be prepared for what some next, things aroung going to get bad... But I'll ge through this.

Then I was just having one of these randomly HigH moments, put on loud music and started jumping around the room as if I was at a concert. Yayness.
Well... I have some up with this theory. Ok, so some people say depression is a state of mind and prehapps to defeat it one only has to believe that they are no longer depress.

Be happy little key... Why does the key look so sad. *feeds the key sugar*
sugar is a good one the spot cure that doesn't last long... Sugar is required in large amounts and so is not good for your short term mental health and your long term physical healt. If symptoms get out of control please consult your doctor. (May contain traces of nuts :P )

Someone *cough* Will *cough* Wrote 'You are weird Chantel' in my school dairy.. Me weird??? Nah, I am merely mentally unbalanced causing an abnormal ... ... Um ... Human??? Which only makes me crazy, not weird.

Some people like to take the fun out of everything... 'blah blah blah... Don't do this or you'll die.' the inevitable truth is your mortal self is going to die anyway, what ever you do. So take a chance and life your life while you still can... Cause in the end, what does it matter?

For now all your snails are safe, so you may let them roam around outside for now. Infact I havn't seen snails in ages o.O. I think I lost mine *picks up a rock*. Nope, its not under there. >_<
tomorrow is yet again the last day of my holidays.. Year 11 sucks!!!

Curiosity killed that cat, is going to kill me one day to. XD.
Take Care all,
Much Love
From -Kage Oukami

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays, >_<.
And for now... the snails are in danger... keep them inside if you want to save you snail. or say farewell....

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Friday, January 27, 2006

A cool change
The weather was cooler today finally and we lost power so many times its not funny >_< *sigh*

I think I'm losing my eye sight, its almost as if someone has places a kught blurry mist in front of my eyes. The don't hurt and i don't need to strain them to see, so hopefully their just playing up and shall return normal soon, otherwise i'll have them looked at.
The Opeth concert come here next holidays, it is restricted to poeple 18+ or people accompained by legal guardians which sucks. Don't think i'll go even if a can get an fake idea of a guardain, its like $60.40 and I don't want to spend my money i want to save it. My move somewhere colder after school fund.. lol
Its weird as much as i hate australia, as much as I melting in the heat, i just can't see myself ever getting out of this place >_<.
I'll get there though, I hope anyway.

I watched the seed of chucky the other day... it was kinda cute, not the slightest bite scarry and not much killing in it either. the orginal chucky was better.

In the way of anime i am think of watching some elfen lied and i want to see the rest of wolfs rain but i'm having trouble getting hold of it. man Australia sucks.

Going to look at peoples sites,
take care
much love
-Kage Oukami

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

And i have return yet again
its been awhile since my last post
war is not to determind who is right but rather who is left.
recenlty, other than talking on the phone and giveing my holiday homework a min of thought and deciding I'll do it tomorrow like usual, talking on the phone and swimming, I went shopping and brought heaps, which isn't like me lol. i got bored after the first store, but need clothes so it was all good
It was austrlaia day today, the storm brought ash from the fires all over victoria here so the air tasted horrible. it been like 40 degree celicus days and i have been pealing myself off the floor >_< I can't wait for a cool change... winter where are you?

I have to go.. 11pm and time for my night walk. take care all
-Kage Oukami

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

And I breathe no more
long time no see people.
in this break friends has been kicked out of home and chaos has broken lose in some areas of life.
Christmas was awesome and new years was even better as it was peaceful.
Catch up wif a few people and have done abit of shooping.
I hope you all had radical christmas and new years.
going to see underworld evolution on thursday i thinks. i can't wait!!
its my kind of movie.
ah and my week is all muddled up
going to stay over at a friends for 2 days or so on friday, which should be madish cause havn'tt seen her this year and tuesday ment ot be catch up wif people, but they gave me a day and no time or place. >_<
hopeful going into the city on wensday for a picnic, but not sure i'm able to go to that or the party i was invite to 2moz afternoon.
aye. I hope i can sort something out for that.
Friday the 13th was rad as well, it had a full moon! supremly evillish nite that absolutly nothing happened on. just went for a nite walk. ^_^! But there were no good movies on >_<
like usual.
anyway I could go on about the rest of my life, but prehapps another time.
Got somethings i gota do adn then i shall visit peoples spaces.
cyaz l8r
much love
-Kage Oukami

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