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Friday, June 29, 2007

   Howdy all
Well, With any luck, I'll start being more loyal to this place.
As the place where i met my longest online friend, Blue_Hawk, And the first blog site i was dedicated too, I guess it deserves it.

Current happenings,
My Xbox360 died on Thursday, a victim to "The Red Ring of Death", And will be shipped off to be repaired Monday. The first weekday of.... My 2 week college Holidays!
As great as that is, I'll be without my 360 until week two of those holidays.. No Gears Of War for me.
As a result of this, Im extremely bored lately.

I recently bought 4 DVD's, Sin City, V for Vendetta, And South park bigger longer and uncut, Fahrenheits 9/11 And am wrapt that i own my own copies of them.

After watching Fahrenheit 9/11 in a somewhat frustrated state at the American government, And an extreme state of boredom i emailed Micheal Moore, The basic outline of contents was my theory that the American Political party as a whole deserves the treatment on behalf of the American public courtesly given to the French Royals, And then went on to ask him if he finds being a stereo typical obese American ironic while making movies that "Stick it to the man" respectively.

Recently, Due to a lack of anything new around me, I re-watched GunGrave, Excellent series, Love it, Check it out if you can!

This posts suggested song? Sublime - Date Rape, Dont let the title intimidate you.

And another random little note, If you're at all immersed into the world of video gaming and have a shallow idea of the concept of internet subculture checkout the mockumentry of programmers called Pure Pwnage, 3 million dedicated audience and 13 episodes out currently.

Well, Thats it, Keep kickin'n'Screamin

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

   Howdy -Mozilla
Well by the looks of things ill stick around here for awhile again, My upgrade to Mozilla instead of IE seems to of done the trick.

To all those still using IE (Internet Explorer) for your own sake, Look into Mozilla-Firefox, Free version ofcourse, Much better :)

Aside from that im not doing much lately, Friends sister may have cancer o.O, She's younge too, 14?, iono, Way too younge for that kinda thing. It's troubling how younger people are having to face more grown up problems and situations, But meh.

Next post, Whenever that is, Look forward to my discussion between me about the tv programs in my childhood, And those in the youth of today!


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Monday, March 27, 2006

   Im kinda back.
Im sort of back, I recently downloaded Mozilla firefox and can now do everything my IE for somereason started preventing i do. Although im not sure my posting freqeuntly will once again happen considering i joined this site 4 years ago, Thus most of the good friends i made on it have by now sadly moved on. I'll stay around for a bit, Reply to new guest book signings, Etc.
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Friday, February 3, 2006

   Howdy all
Yep..Wow, Evangelions making his first post in what must be a minimum of 8 months? Anyway.

I've had a few reasons for not coming by, And one that will prevent me from doing so in future.
Which is, I can no longer read comments on my posts, Or make comments to others posts, The page simply will not load for me any longer. So my staying around reading and making posts here would be pointless.

Apon returning today i am flattered by the new guestbook signings and even a Private message from someone, So thankyou to all that came by.
I can go to your sites and sign your guestbooks if i later get time too and am motivated enough but cannot comment on your posts.

Chances are within a few days or even after tonight i will not be coming back to MyO for reason posted above. I will not even be able to see any comments to this post.

Although i will give you all contact details to reach me if you need help with something or simply wish to talk.

Hotmail(msn): ratsacker1920@hotmail.com
Aim : ratsacker2006
Yahoo (chat i dont check email): Animeratt

The only email inbox of the above that i check is the hotmail, The rest i simply use for chatlines.

So if you need to reach me for questions simply want to meet and talk to me you can now reach me.

I wish you all luck in future and thankyou for the kind words in the past. Goodluck with your sites and in life :)

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Monday, January 3, 2005

Just got back from my holiday didnt get time beforehand to get a christmas theme going sorry about that guys ill try get something up next year i guess i might get around to doing a post on my holiday tomorrow mostlikely the day after any way cya!
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