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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

   ok this is just a nother randome story that i have started*sorry for any misspellings*

“Ryeo, get out of bed and go get some eggs out of the chicken coupe for breakfast, hurry up!” he shouted
“ Yes sir!” Ryeo replied as she jumped up and tripped with the blankets wrapped around her feet onto the floor with a loud thump
Ryeo had long black hair that she kept down but well brushed and came down right past her shoulder blades. And icy blue eyes, smooth skin and a nice face, she as was vary beautiful for her young age.
Putting on her robe she walked out of her room and down the stairs through the living room and through the kitchen and out the back door. Walking barefoot through the grass to the chicken yard was cold and wheat. As she unlocked the gate a hairy black spider crawled out of underneath the latch and onto her finger, she screamed and shook her hand madly trying to get it off her finger, but it just made it worse the spider sunk its fangs deep into her skin. She did nothing, only scream.
Ryoko came running out of the barn covered in straw and hey, she obviously was feeding the horses.
Simone had long brown almost black hair and brown eyes and was beautiful in every way.
“Ryeo! What happened?” She called running to her sister’s aid.
“I got bit by a spider!” Ryeo answered holding her finger watching it swell to a vary large size kneeling and crying on the ground. The burning pain was almost unbearable.
“Common, we butter tell papa.” Ryoko said picking up her sister and taking her to the door as their father came walking out the back.
“What are you screaming about? What is wrong with you?” he screamed at Ryeo.
“Papa she was bit by a spider and it was possibly deadly and look, it is swelling up to a huge size.” Simone explained holding her sisters finger out so that their dad can seen it.
“Is that all you two are screaming about? Enough carrying on, back to your work and do what I told you to do!” Nedgie said through gritted teeth.
Their father is not the caring sort. For as far back as both Ryoko and Ryeo can remember their father has never shown kindness toward them. Their mother did not approve of it but if she said anything about it, Nedgie would lock their children in the rat infested seller. Fearing that they would get bit by a rat a die from a disease from it, she sat in a corner of a room and did nothing as much as she hated to do so, Nedgie did not give her a choice. But at the time only Ryoko was the only one able to remember it all. Ryeo was but a baby.
Their mother died from the river on the back of their property. She was trying to wash her clothes and the branch she was on snapped and she fell in to her death. In the village, there were roomers that she killed her-self. But no one knows if it was or was not. Nedgie on the other hand, he did not care on what really happened. In his mind she was just a roadblock in his way. He goes out every night and drinks Sake and buys women. And he returns late in the night. Barley able to walk, he just walks into his room and fall onto his bed and goes to sleep immediately and wakes up with a horrible hangover but drinks it off with more Sake.
Ryoko was awake when he got back this morning at about 4:00am. “Horrible! He is such a horrible man. It’s insulting that he is my father.” Ryoko thought as she saw him come home while she let all the chickens out if the coup.
Ryeo can’t remember her mother but she still cry’s her-self to sleep. In fear of her father hearing here she buries her face in her pillow. Ryoko holds a grudge for their mother’s death. And blames her father for it, she expects him to have pushed her in the river but she dares not say a word to him or any one else.
And because of his late night and constant drinking and paying for prostitutes they have hardly any money and so Ryoko and Ryeo must work hard to keep a house.
“Ryeo just go and put something cold on it. I will finish with eggs.” Ryoko said hugging her little sister.
“Ok, but what about papa? He will get mad.” Ryeo said
“I don’t give a rates ass about what papa says or does.” Ryoko said with a smirk. “Now go and ice it down while I get breakfast seeing how papa is to lazy to do it himself,” she said stroking sister’s hair and smiled.
As Ryeo ran off to the water pump with a cloth to get wet and clean the dirt off the bite, Ryoko is getting quite annoyed with her father but she knew that anything she said would make it worse. She did nothing but turn and pick up the basket that Ryeo had been holding when she got bit and walked through the gate and shutting it tight. She paused and looked at the lock, she could see the spider’s web with a spiders egg on the back of the lock. Scared of a spider bite happening again to Ryeo or her-self, Ryoko kneeled down and picked up a stick that fell from the tree overhead and broke the web and crushed the egg. Thinking to her-self “know your baby’s will never get a chance to take my sister from me.” Ryoko turned and walked to the door that leads into the coup. Opening the door all the chickens that had eggs while the others did not, some red gray white and brown opened their lazy eyes to turn their head to look at her. As she entered she could feel her shoos slipping slightly on the chicken droppings.
Knocking the chickens off their perch she gently removed the eggs and placed them in the basket. First two at a time then it went to three then as many as her hands will hold without breaking the precious eggs. Finally the basket was full and she walked out the coup door leaving it open. Allowing the chickens to run in the chicken yard and eat their breakfast of worms, beetles and other bugs that they could get. As they jumped off their perches and ran out the door, Ryoko looked back thinking “such simple creatures.”
As she walked back to the house, Ryoko noticed that the morning was not sunny; the skies were gray and filled with rain clouds. The family needed the rain. It has been almost a full season of no crops and they needed the money to pay the land taxes. Ryoko broke off into a run holding the basket tight but gentle so that she would not loose the eggs.
Happy about the oncoming storm Ryoko ran through the back door and sat the basket down on the kitchen counter. Her father was sitting on an old pillow at an old wood table. The table was in the middle of the room, while drinking a small cup of sake, strong Japanese liquor.
“Papa, papa the storm clouds are forming and the air is filled with the smell of rain!” Ryoko yelled in excitement.
“Girl you know that it won’t rain. What is the matter with you?” Nedgie said.
“Yes papa, it will rain. I believe it will.” She said barely able to control her-self.
Already annoyed with this conversation Nedgie said, “Ok, go a hade and believe that it will. Now go get your sister and have her cook breakfast and you go get some milk.” Without another word an annoyed look came across Ryoko face but she did nor said nothing, only lowering her head turned and walked out the door. “How can he be so negative about everything?” she thought waking through the yard over to the water water-pump to get Ryeo. Whom she thought was fine.

*cliff hanger, tell me what u think sofar*

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

   Part two

As she was walking she could hear a man’s voice but not make out the words, then a small scream. Ryoko broke off into a run scared that something would happen to her sister. She ran across the field barefoot. Ignoring the rocks and thrones stabbing her feet. Finally, she reached Ryeo. Along with a man whom she did not know or recognize.
He had Ryeo by the arm.
“Hey, let her go!” Ryoko called trying not to sound scared. But inside she felt as though she could scream in hoarer at the thought of anything happening to her little sister.
The man was tall and had matted reddish brown hair, and a bushy beard with a threatening look in his eyes.
“What could you do to stop me? You are just a child.” He said pulling a dagger out of one sleeve of his shirt and holding it to Ryeo’s neck. Simone stopped in her tracks afraid that if she took another step he would kill her.
“Yes, but so is she, just a child. So what do you want with her?” Ryoko asked
“I want money.” Said the man
“Well we have none. Now leave us be.” Ryoko said boldly.
“Well if you have no money, then there must be something that You could give up for me.” He said with a strange look on his face as he walked forward still holding Ryeo’s arm but the dagger was pointed at Ryoko.
Once he got close enough to her he let go of Ryeo’s arm with a hard thrust, knocking her to the ground and grabbed a hold of Ryoko’s arm with the dagger’s tip under her chin.
“I will give you nothing!” She said through her teeth
“Is that so? Well I gees if you are going to be that way… I can always take it by force.” He said knocking her to the ground and pinning her down.
But then, the voice of their father came from across the field.
“Ryoko, Ryeo! What are you two doing? Come and cook me breakfast!” He said
Scared of what would happen if he were found the man got up quickly and ran off and said, “This is not over.”
Ryeo ran to her sister and hugged her tight around the neck. As Nedgie walked up with a freighting look of anger on his face he shouted, “What the hell is wrong with you? What is so important that you have to take all day to make breakfast?”
Mad, and unable to take his bickering any longer, Ryoko got to her feet and shouted, “If you actually give a damn, a man just came hear and was threatening to kill Ryeo if she did not give him any money. And rape me instead!”
“Ryoko shut up! Why would some one want to rape you? Your not worth it.”
“What the hell is wrong with you? You’re supposed to be our father but instead you just go out and get drunk and waste our money on whores!” Ryoko said
SLAP, a hard hand came out of no were and struck Ryoko across the face knocking her off her feet. She held her hand to her face and looked up at her father tears filled her eyes as he turned and walked to the barn.
Ryoko and Ryeo walked back to the house. Ryeo was near crying and Ryoko was too mad to cry. As Ryeo sat at the table Ryoko sat in the doorway of the front sliding door and her back was leaning on the frame. She was looking up at the large oak gate that led to their farm from the main road. She saw her father galloping through the gate on his old chestnut horse. Nedgie diapered down the road.
This would be the last time they see their father. Ryoko got up and looked at her sister.
“I guess I should make us breakfast, shouldn’t I?” Ryoko said with a smile on her face. Ryeo smiled back at her, “Yes, I suppose you should.” Ryoko got up; a light breeze came through the open door. Ryoko’s long brown hair drifted in the wind. She looked very pretty, when that happened. Ryeo thought to herself as she watched her sister’s hair fly with the wind, “Ryoko is so pretty, I can only wish that I ever look like her.” Ryoko turned and her hair flipped around to her back as she did so. With a small and week smile she looked at her sister and as she walked by she patted her head. Ryoko brought her hands to her long dark hair and pulled her hair back into a braid. As she walked.

*k tell me what u think*

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Friday, November 10, 2006

   Yay ^_^

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