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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

   Having some fun
Hello peoples!
Hope you guys are doing fine. I'm having a great time. Right now I'm on Spring Break like most of you. I just got back from a date with my bf. It was only to the park close from my house, but we still had fun.

Yesterday my friends and I went to celebrate my friend's b-day. We went to the stock show. There's a bounch of rides, food, and rodeo fun. We went to all the crazy rides and had tons of food. Funnel cakes are sooo good people. Spend all day there and got back around 10:00 pm. It was lots of fun, I just ended up finding myself $35 short by the end of the night. Oh well.

Anywho, tomorrow I'll be getting together with some friends to start a project for PAP English II. We have to buil the famous Globe Theater. Its going to suck. By the way, its for the same teacher that gave me that 8 page report for the X-mas break. You can sure tell she doesnt want us to enjoy our time off from school. -_-

Well on anime news, I'm currently on episode 8 of Chobits. I have read all the manga, but the anime is somewhat different. On the anime Hideki is more perverted and Chi is just soooo adorable.

Oh yeah, I also began to play the online RPG game Ragnarok. I am currently a level 30 archer and soon will become a hunter. Its a pretty cool game. I'm already in a guild called Antares and my character's name is Lina.

That'll be all for now. Hope you guys have a good day. (huggles)

~eva girl~

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Hello otakus!
Hope you all have been doing just great!
Everything's great here. Just counting down the days for spring break to begin.

The most of today will be spend by studying a stack of papers on King Arthur. Yup, my english class is such a bitch. Hopefuly I'll do good. I cant wait until we'll be done with all the sibling action and infidelity of the Arthurian literature.

It would all be much better if the story was more like MOnthy Python. I would love to read about the Knights of "NI" X)

Oh yeah, tomorrow will mark my first year here in the o. Time has sure gone by fast. Just wanted to thank all who still come and visit. I'm doing my best to try to keep up with all of my friends sites.

Oh well. That will be all. Just wanted to stop by and say hi to all of you. so...."HI"

I'll see youa all later. Take care anime fans.*huggles*

~eva girl~

Hope you guys like this Inu classification pic. ^^

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