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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blah... >_>
Well its been about a week since I last posted. AS I've said before I've been busy moderating a forum.

Its actually a pokemon forum... Kinda. It's attached to an online store that sells TCGs and one of the TCGs it sells is pokemon cards, but no one on the forum really likes pokemon that much anymore.

I originally joined there after my friend found it trying to find some info on the pokemon TCG. He buged me for like a month before I actually joined.

I found that it was a small, but nice community (kinda immature in some cases though >_<) so I've been there for a year on the 28th of this month.

Coincidently the 28th is the release date for Kingdom Hearts II.

I am so exited about this game. I have loved SquareSoft (now SquareEnix) since I first played FFVII (the best game EVER) with my older brother. I was also kinda raised with a boat load of Disney films in my home. So naturally when I first heard about the first Kingdom Hearts I was like "cool!".

I actually didn't have a copy to play until my older brother got one for Christmas (it had just been released on Greatest Hits). So when my brother and I played it we were like "Wow... That was awesome!".

The first game was ended on a major cliff-hanger so I've been waiting for the second one for what seems to be a really long time.

I never did play Chain of Memories though... I thought I had heard somewhere that it didn't really have anything to do with the other KH games, it was its own story. This is a mistake, it is apparently going to play a huge role in KHII. >_< Doh!

Anyway, I guess I should end here. Oh! For anyone thatís interested in the forum I was talking about it at Pokecorner.com, thereís a link to the forum right at the top of the main page. My screen name is Ether (duh) so PM me if you have the chance.

Well anyway, until next time,


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Friday, March 17, 2006

Forgive me Sony, I am weak. v_v'
I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere in my other posts, but I got a GameCube for Christmas.

I did infact ask for it, it was what I wanted. This is a change for me though because in genaral I hate Nintendo. I'm am very loyal to PlayStation and I have been since I first got one for Christmas when I was like 7.

I really hated the N64 (mostly the contorler... I know I'm going to be shot for saying that. >_<)and I strongly disliked the GC up until very recently.

So anyway after being told over and over how awesome the game was by one of my best friends I have started to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (GC port version).

Much to my suprise I have found it to be very injoyable. Navi's constent screaming in my ear aside, it has ver solid gameplay and so far a desent plot.

I'm very excited about the new Zelda game coming out "Twielight Princess". Its actualy suposed to be the sequal to Ocarina of Time from what I've heard.

Now to redeam myself in the eyes of Sony and its followers I will talk about the Godly creation that is the PS3.

I'm really, really looking forward to to the realese of this system.

It has been anounced that Sony will be realesing their system internationaly in November of this year.

To be honest I'm not happy about this because its the same mistake Microsoft made with the the 360.

You see normaly Sony realeses the system in Japan and uses it like a testing launch. Then they work all the bugs they found out of the system. Even then thier are still bugs that they continue to work out. For example. I just got a new PS2 (like a week or two ago)because I had one of the first PS2s to be realesed in th US ,I got it in the first year of its run. In this run of PS2s the lens used to read the dics over time would come loose causing it to move out of foucas.

Because he PS3 is going to be realesed internayionaly there is that kind of problem and probably alot more.

Another thing, even though Sony has said they are taking action to make sure that it won't happen, there will probably be PS3 shortages, like the XBox360.

On the positive side we won't have to wait till 2007 for the PS3 like alot of people thought and its going to be a really great system once all the bugs are worked out. Like I said, I am REALLY looking forward to it.

Well I have other things I got to do right now so until later,


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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I havn't posted since January. You see I'm a modorator on a message board and that along with everything else in life has been keeping me away from this place.

Well, alot has happened ince I last posted, but nothing worth mentioning. >_<

Really all I have to say right now is that I will be trying my hardest to be more active here.


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