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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

   Beach baby ^_^
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Allo everyone! Thank you for stopping by my site *hands you a cup of pudding* I Know you like it ^_~ tee hee! Welcome to my little site ya kno just for me. If you are interested u can read about me. Oh gosh that was funny. Poor fools :)

Lets keep it simple here everyone heres a lil bit boot me:

1) I Love chocolate. And I don't like sharing.

2) I'm a really busy person so don't be sad when I don't comment on site or answers pm that often but yes I really do try :)

3) I like people who comment and are actually 'friends' :3

4) I am a very straight up person so if you don't like my attitdue..Welll I don't really give a shit

5) I'm fairly nice ehehe

6) Occupation: SPACE COWGIRL :)


I went to the beach yesterday! Omg it was so much fun! Its so sad though, it was my first time at the beach, ever. I was like (O.O) Woowww, the weather was great, beautiful sunshine *O Mr.Sun Sun Mr. Golden sun please shine down on meeee*
^___^ I got a tan! w00t w00t, but in a shape of a bathing suit XD But no one will seee ^__^ Hm well I was swimming, well not really, I didn't relly go anywhere since there was waves.. My uncle splashed me how many times.. omg so much water shoved up my nose.. .>.< *choke choke*

I made a sand castle,half of one at least..Then I decided to destroy it muahh ahhaa I watch my lil cousins make some then when they weren't looking I messed it up. Weee!
And hm.. I tripped how many times yesterday..ehe
O it was so much fun yesterday!

I hope you guys had a very eventful summer! ^___^ V

Yaya I think this OHSHC ish very cute!

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