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Thursday, August 10, 2006

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Allo everyone! Thank you for stopping by my site *hands you a cup of pudding* I Know you like it ^_~ tee hee! Welcome to my little site ya kno just for me. If you are interested u can read about me. Oh gosh that was funny. Poor fools :)

Lets keep it simple here everyone heres a lil bit boot me:

1) I Love chocolate. And I don't like sharing.

2) I'm a really busy person so don't be sad when I don't comment on site or answers pm that often but yes I really do try :)

3) I like people who comment and are actually 'friends' :3

4) I am a very straight up person so if you don't like my attitdue..Welll I don't really give a shit

5) I'm fairly nice ehehe

6) Occupation: SPACE COWGIRL :)


When we look
Into one clear eyes
The truth be told
‘Bout our dreams

The wings we use to fly
To the sky in our dreams
Is what you and I wish for
Can become reality
With love

But things can go bad
And with mistakes we make
We learn from
And where ever I am heading off too
I will not make the same mistakes twice

With a little bit of courage and love
I become confident and soar above
These feelings seem to overflow
With you beside my side

Listen to this melody
Sweet Love
Song of faith and dreams
I sing for you

Where ever I am drifting off too
I’ll find my way with you
And my journey will continue
My dreams will follow
And your hand with mine
I will never let go till
I also wrote this last year..
and my other poem, boodstained sky, I deleted that by accident ^^;;

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