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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Allo everyone! Thank you for stopping by my site *hands you a cup of pudding* I Know you like it ^_~ tee hee! Welcome to my little site ya kno just for me. If you are interested u can read about me. Oh gosh that was funny. Poor fools :)

Lets keep it simple here everyone heres a lil bit boot me:

1) I Love chocolate. And I don't like sharing.

2) I'm a really busy person so don't be sad when I don't comment on site or answers pm that often but yes I really do try :)

3) I like people who comment and are actually 'friends' :3

4) I am a very straight up person so if you don't like my attitdue..Welll I don't really give a shit

5) I'm fairly nice ehehe

6) Occupation: SPACE COWGIRL :)


Love is Troubling

I remind myself constantly that these butterflies in my stomach mean nothing
The only reason why I memorized all your favourite songs is a coincidence
Why my face goes red when is see you is because global warming has got the temperature rising
The reason why I find your smile so appealing is because you have nice teeth
Why I'm on the edge of my seat when you talk to me is because I'm eager to get out of class
And the door is right behind you
Why your eyes sparkle the way they do is because the lighting in this room is awesome
Why I find you so beautiful, I just don't know why.
I believe that everyone else must be hideous

I think your imperfections make you perfect
My head and my heart just can't seem to decide
I'm lost for words when you look at me
I tell myself that this means nothing and I'll get over it

But yet I always find myself seeking you when you aren't near
Hoping that you'll notice me too
And I get terribly frustrated when you don't

I hate the fact that I realized that I get these butterflies
Is because I get nervous when I see you
I memorized your favourite songs to be closer to you
My face goes red because you make my heart go into overdrive
Your smile is so appealing because when you smile, my world seems just right
Your eyes sparkle..I still think its from the lighting
I sit on the edge of my seat because I want to lean towards you

You're beautiful because I am unconditionally in love with you
And I hate it
Now, great, I have more issues

an early valentines day poem-ish written by meee! and sorry everyone that I took a long absence from myO first cuz I was busy and now i'm just plain lazy tired. :)

and when and or if you read this. please don't think that i'm thinking of anyone no not even! I just watched a lot of dramas and romance movies and had inspiration. yeah. :)

i also wrote some more valentines/love poem or anti-valentines day one :)
and i'll visit soon! soon!

Today's Thought: A single day is enough to make us a little larger
- Paul Knee

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