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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

[*] H E L L O ; Eternal Mini Moon

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Contents : Eternal Mini Moon Layout ZPT Heart



Hi everyone. Im sorry for not comming on for along time. Ever since the new otaku came I havnt really been on awhole lot. I miss the old otaku. It was better to me and easier to use. I cant even change my default with this new otaku. I have to have my friend do it for me.Well happy
2009 everybody! I spent acouple days at my friends house and spent new years with her. We had a party with her family and everything.Then she came over my house for a day and then had to go. Then acouple hours later she came back with her twin brother[shes older] and mom and her moms boyfriends daughter Sydney, Michele[my firend] her twin brother live with their moms boyfriend and his two boys. Sydney lives with the mom and visits her dad of course though. One of my firends moms boyfriends kids actualy likes me though. But hes such a baka and a jerk I cant stand him. Hes almost 15 and acts like a child.
Well anyways, Michele[my firend]Her twin bro their mom and Sydney all came over that night for my neices first birthday party.;] lol We watched her eat a little cupcake. It was so funny! lol. Well, Im sick and havnt been doing much since then.I got sick earlier today. It was nastayy! But.. Im not gonna go into details. Ive been reading my New Moon book. The second Twilight book. I really like it. I cant wait to get to the next book then the next. Did ya no that Stephanie Meyer[Creater of Twilight book series] shes gonna be re making all the books over again but in Edwards point of view? Thats what I was told There was Midnight Sun but SOMEBODY! put in up online when she hade it half way finished! Baka!
Well I guess ima go finish reading Midnight Sun, Well what she has on it becus SOMEBODY! posted it up because there a baka!.. Well the books on Stephanie Meyers site so I guess i'll be going now. Se ya Otaku friends! ;]


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