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yes ur on my site now .
well welcome .
i haven't done so much with it , but hope you like it .

I'm nice to all the people around me but i get easy angry....and yea I'm just a normal girl, but i'm more silent than the others...my friends say that i'm allways hyper in someway, actually i don't know why...

If you want to ask me about something, then feel free to PM me ^-^

Monday, March 10, 2008

Have you seen a girl with one eye make-up O_0 ?
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Well hehehehe, OMG sorry i can't stop laughing ....some reaaaally smart girl or let's just say ME XD was going out with her friends last week ....and she thought why not put on some make-up which is something she normally don't, so when her friends came to pick her up, they started laughing and told her that she had forgotten to put make-up on the other eye....they were in a hurry ...but lucky me i had eyeliner with me, and one of them said: (wait Esma, I can put the eyeliner on you. ) ....i had no mirror with me so ok ...then he was going to help me with eyeliner, and instead he hurt my eye, I started crying ....but it was really funny.... everytime we remember it we start lughing.... aaoooo did I forget to say Hello...ok Hello ^^ how are you all ? especially ulterego333 ^^ I miss your page when are you going to turn it on ?

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day
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Today is nothing more than a normal day, except from that there is a funeral for one of my seniors at school....she was a really nice girl.... but she suicided last week....no one knows why..because she was always cheerful.
And because she was cheerful and nice to all the people, they decided to make her funeral on valentine's day. I think that's the best day for her funeral too.
Well that's what have been happening in my life these days

What about you? Hope nothing like this happened or happens to you ?

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry X-mas
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Wish You Everybody Happy Holidays

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

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I have been here almost all the time, but I just didn't have the mood to post anything. you haven't been posting much either so... miss you people .

I'm fine and alot of things have happened ....
I quit riding horses because of an accident... I just broke my little finger ^-^ but it was scary tho...I want to ride again but don't know when that will happen...

I'm so relieved that it went good on the exams, cause I'm so tired of studiyng, and won't open a book until the 2. term starts XD

Well it's holidays now, and I think I'm going somewhere here in Norway for snow-boarding with some of my friends ^-^

What about you ?

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Post ^^

I'm fine and it's been long time since i posted ^^;

I tok a break from riding and started training condition every thursday, and maybe even train football.
I tok a break from riding becase i can't ride and train condition at the same time.
And i had to train condition becase it's gonna be a competition soon and i'm in it, it's a horse race or something like that, we don't know yet. well it's stressing for me, and i'm looking for getting finished with it.

whatever, my mother have birthday tomorrow, me and my sisters are going to make her a surprising birthday party, hope she is gonna be happy for it ^^

And i'm doing well at school too, even better than last year :D

I'm very tired right now, so i think i'm gonna sleep. see you later and have a nice day ^^

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