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Today (10/18/05) is December drawings day! If you don't know what December is, you SHOULDN'T! ^_^ It's an anime my friends and I are doing, and if I'm lucky and this doesn't all screw up, I'll upload episodes and put the link here! ^_^ No prizes today...just bad artwork. xD
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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

I hate myself. x_x (sorry everyone...)
I'M SO FRICKIN SORRY ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY!! >_< My New Year's Resolution is to go on at least three times a week...I doubtfully made that resolution and I intend to keep it. -_-

My layout is under construction again...I'm gonna try to make a nice-looking one this time, everybody...

Auditions! They're all over the place this month...argh!! The 24th and 25th are when I'm supposed to try out for the ACP production of Fiddler...I really want a good part this time. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it! Problem is...I have asthmatic bron-freaking-chitis now...so...my voice sucks. I'm praying for a miracle...that miracle being that I don't sound like a man who smokes too much by the time auditions roll around...school play is coming up too...I'm having a heart attack now and I just wish I was prepared for everything and grr I'm having a nervous breakdown...send me flowers please...;__;

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Friday, December 9, 2005

   WOW...I'm sorry...;__;
I haven't been on in forevers...o__o Well, I've been on, but I have updated. I'm gonna make a nice layout...I'll get rid of this crappy old one in a jif. T_T;;

I'm missing all these great thing tonight...Well, today we had a snow day...I couldn't fully enjoy that 'cause I'm sick and blech...There was a party tonight that I couldn't go to and then there was dance class which I haven't been to in a month...and aside from that I feel like something you would find on the bottom of your shoe after using a public restroom...So I've just been watching SNL and old movies all day...what a great use of my time...xD

A memorial for a classmate's dad, whom I just remembered died a year ago yesterday...I'm still not exactly sure what happened except he had a heart attack...

Oh yeah, I've also noticed the mind-numbing, middle school form of entertainment of "Making Fiends" (lol, well I sort of am in middle school, but we'll cut to the chase, eh? -_-) I really like little internet animations...they're fun...how I wish I could animate...O_O

Teacher reccomendations for the private school I want to go to are due Jan. 17...my teachers know I'm talented in art, but...but grades kinda sorta...well...OKAY THEY SUCK. xD Well, okay...maybe suck is a heavy word here...they aren't really private school worthy grades...I will share with you...

Language Arts...B (<-- how'd this happen??)
French...B (<--this too...)
Social Studies...A- (um...yay?)
Arithmatic...A (woot...I suck at math, so I dunno how this happened...)
Music...A+ (easy grade)
Health...A (another easy one)
Phys. Ed....B (not surprising...)
Science...B- (also not surprising...)
Careers...A (I was an actress, and crap was I paid badly...o_o')
Instrument...A+ (I'm okay...)

This school expects mostly A's, and that's for things that don't require exeptional grades...I'm going for visual/performing arts, so...I suppose that applies...I'm very anxious though...

Quarter to ten...wowee...

AMY STEF AND SCOTT CAME TO MY INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT!! Thanks guys. ^_^ I know, my band isn't so great...but you guys are technically in high school, of course you'd be better...stupid middle school...stupid children!! <
I really hope this post is long...really...I hope it makes up for the lost hours!! >_<;

Oh yeah, Amy...I got the Rent soundtrack for yas...Guess who's on the cover? ^_^ (I'm not telling you if you're right or not)

A. Mimi
B. Angel
C. Roger

Stef...I got you coal! Ahahahaha! No...I'm not telling what I got you. ^_^ I'm getting stuff for Josh and Scott too...yes...is scott spelled with one t or two?? A mystery...

Anyway, I promise to be on more! Really! But I probably won't be...but I'll really try, really! ._.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Post in green, post fave. lines of Envy, Envy wallpaper, Envy avatars, Envy fanart...Anything and everything Envy! omg...I'm such a fangirl. -__-;

I'm on red alert right now, so I've been in a less-than-great mood all day. D: I'm also really worn out...and I'm in pain!! I didn't flippin' sign up for this!! Still...being female is nice. ^^;

Funny story...at my acting class thing we have a Halloween thing and we dress up and stuff...and I thought that was today, so I wore this blond wig (I'm gonna be Ed for Halloween) and when I got there, nobody was dressed up! So it's next week! >__< I've been so out of it all day!! (Quote: Kid in my class: "Liz, where are the magazines?" Me: -reading a magazine- "No clue...oh!! You mean a MAGAZINE!" so wth is wrong with me lately...not gettin' enough sleep...)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

December Drawing Day One! ^_^ If you don't know what December is, you shouldn't! It's an anime that my friends and I are doing. Here are two characters from it:

Akio and Yumi. I'll give back stories later. Just enjoy this 13-year-old's bad artwork. xD Gimme a break, I only have five colored pencils and a pen...If all goes well and the series works, I'll upload eps. and give you the link! Byeees! ^_^

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Case Closed Review! ^_^
Short Summary: Jimmy Kudo is on top of the world after only sixteen years. He's smart, good-looking, a little famous, and has enough money to last for years. His parents live in America, though, so he lives a life on his own, guided by his next door neighbor, a scientist whose experiments always seem to literally go up in smoke. His best friend since grade school, Rachel Moore, goes on a "date" with him to an amusement park. Before they know it, a murder occurs, which Jimmy solves quickly and perfectly. Two men from the crime scene bother him, though, so he tells Rachel he'll catch up with her and he tails the two suspicious guys. Unseen, he watches a gun smuggling deal in the making. But, he is caught and knocked senseless onto the ground. Jimmy is forced to take a strange pill. When he wakes up, he discovers he's inside a child's body, and he makes a run for it. He tells the scientist next door (how convenient) about it, and he says he can fix the whole problem for him. However, this can only happen if Jimmy can get a sample of the drug he was forced to take. And that is no easy task. Meanwhile, Rachel gets worried about Jimmy and decides to go out looking for him. She checks his house first. Jimmy panics and hides behind a desk. He doesn't do such a good job at hiding though, so Rachel quickly finds him. He puts on his father's glasses for a quick, make-shift disguise, and it works. When Rachel asks his name, he looks all over the place for a quick idea. His gaze falls on the books behind him, so he combines the first and last names of two famous mystery writers to form the name Conan Edogawa. Rachel agrees to let him stay with her for a while. Fortunately, her father is also a PI and an instant goldmine of information for Jimmy to go on. Unfortunately, her father hasn't seen a case for years. But, with a lot of help from Jimmy, there is hope that someday they will get involved in a case with the men who shrunk Jimmy (ha that sounds funny. xD) But, even if they do, is there even a possibility that Jimmy can find the drug that transformed him?
Animation: 6 (cute, but not that great)
Drawings: 7 (better than the anime, but still not fantastic)
Script: 8 (a little awkward, but still good enough to keep me interested)
Writing: 9 (better than the anime)
Price: 10
Overall Rating: GOOD

Why I like it: It's so cute! ^_^ I like mysteries, too...the main plot is really interesting, and there's a lot of humor incorperated into it, too, like how a sixteen-year-old genius is forced to be in first grade. A little grusome at times, but you'll get through it. I like the manga a lot more than the anime, since the anime seems to get a little sloppier the further it progresses, but the manga is consistant. I'll give it a thumbs up! ^_^

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PINK! Yes, all males and tomboys like me shall quiver under the mighty wrath of PINK!! Post in pink today, please. You will get a pretty prize if you do. ;D

Also, I will continue reviews even though Amy (elrics girl) is rivaling mine! The show must go on!!

Oh yeah Amy...Loki is sooo cute! ^-^

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