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Hi Im Envy and I have a friend here named twist..We are best friends and love blodd....*drools* SO please dont be afraid to sign my guest book and have a kick ass day ^_^....

Twist: yeah what she said!

Monday, April 17, 2006

sorry i havent poseted in a while but i have been very busy...my dad waas being an asshole and wouldnt let me on he computer till my house was completely clean...Grr i hate him so much some times..well have to get back to class ^_^ bye

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Thursday, April 13, 2006


So im here in class and bored as hell..The teacher was nice enough to let us get on the computers today ^_^..any ways..Twist is asleep due to the fact that he didnt go to bed last night till 1am..*looks at the lump underneath the covers* Ahh so cute.

Twist: *mummling* O right there, that feels good.

O.o Someone is haveing a good dream...well have to go now talk you guys later...COMMENT!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

...To bad sooo Sad.....

Well to day was ok...I had fun running around and talking to Suka envy...She is so funny!!! I LOVE ANNOYING HER!!! But she is a really good friend...Well anyways; I was looking into the refrigerator when I noticed something in the far back…

Twist: *interrupting* I think its best that I tell the beginning of the story so they best understand what you are trying to say.
Well about a week ago Krystal lost her bird, named Kelsey, and she was no where to be insight. Crystal has 3 pets… 2 birds and a boa constrictor….Now you can continue.

LIKE I WAS TRYNG TO SAY!!!! *continuing with her story* I was looking into the refrigerator when I noticed something in the far back, it was something that was rapped in aluminum foil, and was about 5 inches long and about 3 inches wide. So I unwrapped it…



Twist: sorry*hides under covers*

LIKE I WAS SAYING FOR THE HUNDERTH TIME!!!! So I unwrap it…and…and….and…..*faints*

Twist: I was afraid this would happen. She discovers that her bird was in the foil….She went to her mom and well her mom told her the cold truth…That the bird died and that she was going to feed it to the snake….She was so upset...So now she isn’t talking to her mom...Its such a sad story…Poor birdie…*hears a soft moaning* Well looks like she’s coming around...talk to you guys later. Bye.
Oh and ill put somepics of her pets later...

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

...bloddy elbows...

Currently listening to: Move your dead bones
By: Dr. Reanimator

C`mon boys and girls
Come a little closer
I'm the reanimator

Re-animate your feet!

If you're feeling dead i'll be your re-animator
I've got a way to bring you to life
A superior existence with no one to control you
Where you can always do what you like

Let me give you some green color
And you will ask for more
You will see that you've never felt this way before
Party without limits, have sex and don't be blue
Freedom is eternal for you, you, you!

Move your dead bones, bones, bones
Move your dead bones, bones, bones
The secret will keep you alive

Move your dead bones, bones, bones
Move your dead bones, bones, bones
You'll dance for the rest of you life

Today was interesting....*drools at the thought*

Twist:Well it looks like i will have to finish the post...
She was in class today and well she saw blood and like started to drrool...the teacher started to laugh at her... she ran out of the class and everyone just stared at her for the rest of the daty..like she was a freak. So shes a lil to upset to talk right now...but she know that i love her *smirks and nudges Envy*

*looks down embarrased* Yeah Yeah Yeah...8walk away*

Twist: Well g2g and play with Envy...Bye

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