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Hey, I'm new so I haven't got a lot of things up yet. I hope you enjoy the stuff I do bring. I'm a major Envy fan (as if you couldn't tell by the name) ^^ Later!
(Thanks to all who have signed my guest book! ^^)

That's right Envy is mine!
Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Kim + Envy
were married
on the 28th day of February 2005

Envy: *cries* seeing the certificate.
Wrath: *bursts out laughing*
Ed: You know what they say Envy, first comes love then marrige, then-
Envy: SHUT UP! I know the saying! *smirks with an idea* speaking of that, how's it going with Winry?
Ed: oh, you play dirty.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

   Where's the love?
Okay, long time no post so I figure I should write down some jazz. My school is starting an anime/manga club thanks to yours truly and the awesome librarian whoes into anime, but everyone's being a real asshole about not helping get it set for tomorrow. I'm so peeved. My friend blew me off for putting up the posters, and my other friend ditched me for god forbid I'm like 2 mins late when I wait for her for like an hour. She's been a real ass this year by blowing me off a lot. She's on thin ice in my book right now. She never appreciates anything I do either, but sheexpects me to think she's the greatest thing ever. I think I have my rage out on the net now.

Envy: you sound like me on a good day.

Not in the mood Envy

Envy: whatcha gonna do to me huh?

Hey Blue Sky Fish would you like to borrow Envy for a couple weeks?

Envy: O.O;;;;;;;

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

   Late Post
OMFG I'm so sorry for not exsisting for like ever. I've been busy like hell, stupid exams >.< Stupid distracting summer, no wait that's a good thing. Oh, I have 2 turtles now, Chibi and teh Nameless turtle. Chibi is a snapper, and teh Nameless is a painted Wisconsin turtle. Let's see what else...

Envy: She nearly got held back as a freshman

Oh now you done it!!! *grabs tazer*

Envy: You know that won't work.

Oh yeah, say hello to my little friend 400 year old Envy remains.

Envy: Oh bugger...

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   The red button
Yes I have a post, I LIVE MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Envy: holy fuck she's lost it.

Wrath: I'm scared

ME: behold the game of wonders, press the link yo know you want too.


Envy: *click* *plays game for all eternity*

Wrath I want a turn! I want a turn!

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