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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I have missed you guys. (;_;) Iím not really back, but I wanted to drop in to say hi. Youíll hear more from me when the semester ends, I promise; in both comments and updates. I apologize for my inactivity, and am extremely grateful for those of you who remembered me when Version Vibrant launched. *hug*

I have subscribed to you all. For those of you who wish to remain on MyO, thatís fine too. Nagori shall keep track of both sites. :D

Ace Attorney is one addicting series. I started with Trials and Tribulations, and it didnít take long for me to pick up the other titles. If you own a DS, I highly recommend this game.
Even my brother got hooked on it, and he was making fun of me for playing a lawyer game. xD

I finally decided to buy Wild ARMs 2. I just wish I had played it before WA 5, with all the references and whatnot.

You all take care. As always, thanks for reading.

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