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Hey! My name is Lizzie and i live in the U.S! My fav anime shows are Inuyasha, Blood, Full Metal Alchemist, Sailormoon, Bleach, Fruits Basket and Naruto! If u wana chat just message me! L8r!

I believe in Christ and I'm not ashamed of it. If your not ashamed of it either then copy and paste this in your site.

Monday, June 2, 2008

ellos wonderful peeps! sorry its been a while since ive been on, ive been sorta busy wit skool and stuff...but plz still send ur pms its kinda getting lonly! lol l8r sk8rs!
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Monday, March 3, 2008

   Im SiCk Of My LiFe
HeY sOrRy i havent been on lately ive been busy (and grounded!) w/homework and chores and whatnot...right now my life is like crap.....i have an over due book @ the libary...my friend crissy is alwayz f***ing around and shes just bs...im sick of her shit....i mean she just uses me when she wants somethin and she way out of control im sick of it....she just treats me like bs...nice b-day present huh?! Oh and comes 2 find out...she ditchin me this whole summer and she knows its the last one i have until i move 2 florida but no shes gonna run off to pennsylvaina w/her friend ashley...shes always up ashleys ass...but shes gona be gone for one month...the next month shes gona go 2 tennasee to meet her half-mother or whatever...the next month shes planned to live over @ ashleys house FOR THE WHOLE MONTH! im like come one...crissys alwayz has that Im AlL tHaT addtude...i mean i just wana slap the shit out of her...she never has anytime for me...and we'vw known each other since we were 3 YEARS OLD! its like grow up! man life sucks!
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   Yeah, yeah, Happy V-day
though its valentines day it still feels like a regular day. but i do feel loneley though. see i dont have a bf and i kinda want one but i kinda dont cuz i dont want to get my heart broken. but all i know is that i have great friends...today my bff emily gave me a earing box from ClAiRs and i felt so bad becouse i didnt get her anything...i didnt really give anyone anything.

well the dance is also tonight...but of course like any other dance...i have noone to go with. so ive decided im not going to go...instead...im going to AlL sKaTe with crissy. well its sorta a dance tonight but i really dont want to go to the school dance just because i dont want to see any one from school. i just really want to just be alone (except 4 crissy cuz were like sisters). but she didnt have a date either so were good!

but i just dont get it...everyone in our grade (the boyz) dont ask us out or anything...but...when we go to the mall...we get a lot of older guys hitting on us...(like 10th-12th grade guyz)...its really wired. it also sucks. So i hope ur valentine's day is wayyyyyyy better than mine. l8r!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

   WeLl It WaZ fUn WhILE iT lAsTeD!
well our AnImE wEeKeNd is officialy over.....T.T.....but it waz totally fun! we read all of our MaNgA on saturday....watched all the movies on saturday......we fell asleep saturday night just befor BeAcH came on...T.T we were sooooooo mad.....we wanted to cry...T.T....then i woke up @ like 3:20....just befor DeAtH nOtE came back on.......i fell asleep again! it sucked sooooooooo bad....i still cant get over it...T.T.............but im back home now.....so ya...i wont b too buzy to get on her...lol...l8r!
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Hey ..........my friend and I............
my friend and i are going to have an AnImE wEeKeNd!!!!!!!! its goin to be sooo fun! we're goin to watch anime on the comp...watch anime on t.v.....read the mangas......and go to any anime site we can find! its goin to be great! im leaving around 6-8:00...im not quit sure when though.....! but u can still message me because im still goin to come on this site while also helping w/hers! well l8r!
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