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Well hallo thur fine people. :]

My name is Jenni.

My hair is a long brown and my eyes are blue.
Why would that matter, anyway?

I dont do labels. theyre just loads of shit and get everyone no where.
Be scene, be emo, be fuckin punk. Who the hell cares? Your only judging the wrong thing.

Im very fond of meeting new people. I like the thought of knowing where ever I go, theres always someone there for me.

If you decide to talk shit about me, woopdie-do. Youre only making me more popular. ;]

Behalf of that, I only have a few rules, if thats fine with you.


Number 1: If youre gonna add me, have the decency to PM me.
Number 2: No stereo types.

3: Dont sign my guestbook with a "i like your site."
no duh its telling me you dont like it, and youre only looking to be popular. so fuck you.
Number 4: I dont care if your athiest or not. Dont fucking brag about it because I dont wanna hear your shit.
Number 5: Sure im an MCR fan. Doesnt mean I only talk about them. Theyre good, but not as good as other bands. So dont make a conversation about them, either, cause quite frankly, I dont care, and its annoying. Theyre old. Theyre popularity is dying. Get over it.

Quote: I Bleed Cheese.
other than that, have a fun, fun time! :]