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Saturday, January 28, 2006

   Been a While
Indeed, it has. There's been internet crashes, coursework and sleep to deal with all before this website... and the drawing of course. The new modem is pretty crap, I can't normally download anything because I'm 'not connected.' I have now discovered SR-71. There's way better bands in the US. I mean, we get MUSE. (ha) but that's it. Most bands come over here but I like SR-71. But being named after a plane? What's that all about?
There's a little voice at the back of my brain saying "Do your english coursework" but I'm not up for it. It's too boring now. I love writing 'creative pieces' but essays? Next, an essay on Shakespeare. What is this world coming to? How many plays can a man write. Well over 40 that I'm aware of... and Dickens. Always with the meanings behind the stories. But, if you wanted that you could have just wrote that in a paragraph at the end maybe? Just give us a leg up.
Had a great sleep in today. It was fabulous. Lie in 'til about 2:45. That's great. That's what I wait for every week but now the family was out the house even better. Go get eye tests more often I love them. Not the actual test, they bore me. No, no they don't. They want me to burst out in laughter looking at their serious faces staring in my eyes.
One thing that I do need. A bigger bath. I keep on flinging my hair and get it caught in the plug hole, and it's very hard getting it out when you're leaning over. Better yet, we could have a better shower installed. I think we're the only house in the world with no shower installed. Plus, we have a bathroom downstairs. I know a couple of people like that but they have catches, they have about 5 more bathrooms hidden upstairs. Their whole family could be on the toilet at once. I know what we have more of, though. We have 3 phones. All the same line. Hmm... what else?
My mum got a treadmill. That's good as well but you can't see the TV and you can hear it down the street. Stupid terrace house.

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

   I have a 2MEG modem
That's right... and it's acting up pretty slow, actually. I'm trying to submit some art now in another window that is, dun dun DUN; coloured, with my fabulous Crayola pencils I got for Christmas. Along with that uber Elvis Pig.
Anyway, back onto the modem. I had to get woken up at 12, yes, shock, shock, horror, horror. Then the Telewest feller came and drilled an ugly hole through my wall. EUGH.... and it's oozing what is known as; the remaining wall. Soon it'll all collapse.
Oh, this was funny though. Sod's Law. The day we pick for the Cable Guy to come is the day when we decide to have a powercut and fit the modem ourself! Yay! Now isn't that just peachy? It's one step backwards from Wi-Fi but at least it was free; we complained about the router.
Been playing Mario baseball a lot, it's amazing. The best thing ever... Wait, getting carried away, wait for Zelda, Emma, waaaiiit.
I have a brace, or something, well, I have a watchamacallit on my arm because I rolled over in the middle of the night and my hand crushed into my rib cage. I feel like I have a hole there.
I think it's time that the colours change on this site, and they shall. After I finished this.
www.freewebs.com/emmaisaplonker How fabulous does that look. The picture is the crowd when I went to see R.E.M

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Friday, December 23, 2005

   Popping in to say Happy Christmas
Yugi/Yuugi-he's kind, caring sweet,adorable, but
unfortunately, abit naive. Anywho, who wouldn't
love him, his friends, and enimies for that
matter, trust him with their lives. if you were
his wife, hed probably die the most horrible
death to save you. Lucky Duck!

What Yu-Gi-Oh Character will you marry? (for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm... That was an odd test. I don't really watch Yu Gi Oh anyway. I don't know anything about the items or nothing >_< I watched it when it pilotted, just never really got interested in it. The whole deep voice thing threw me off and went into a "What the hell?" overload. It was a good storyline anyway. Just don't know what else was bugging me. I'll watch it if there was absolutely nothing else on. I'd take a glance at it for about 10 seconds to see what've happening. It was a bit like... um... what was it called? Oh, I don't know, it had a dog that was a snowman and the lead character was called Haru... and there was a robot, with a tattoo on her arm, thought her name was Ellie. Don't know how it was spelled though.


Happy Christmas everyone!

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Friday, December 9, 2005

I'm Back
from nowhere, really... I just completely forget about this site until a few minutes ago when the new day is finally dawning.
I haven't really been doing much, I have the most boring english assignment of reading gothic novels from years ago which make absolutely no sense.
You know what came today on schedule? Mario Kart DS. Yep, my Christmas present is just waiting downstairs with nothing but the see-through wrapping on. It should be opened, it's made to be opened. I keep on picking at it with my nails hoping that my mum wouldn't find out. She said I can't have it. So, I guard it so she can't put it anywhere away from me. I keep on begging, but I guess that it isn't going through to the woman's brain. She even said to me "I'm bored, what can we do?" Hmm... Maybe play Mario Kart with me, I'm not really sure.
Other thing that I would like to add is the British Coca Cola advert is back, you know? The one with the trucks with lightbulbs around the side of them? How do we all love them? A lot, and they should be. It has Father Christmas on the front, travels in herds and has a load of lightbulbs around the edges, that is one amazing advert. They should make them into a feature length programme: The Coca Cola Trucks. We should have them featured in longer adverts like say a few years ago, now they're filling up with the nonsense that is; people. We don't want to see people in advert with imaginary bows wrapping around they're Coke bottle. No. We want more of the trucks... and more of the opera theme thing, what a voice.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The usual...
I came to moan about how we have to do dance for PE. Most schools in London hyave dance as an option. I'm not from London but, dance is an option for us. In year 10 we get 3 options. I chose: Art, Graphic Products and I.C.T. NO DANCE. But, by law of government we have to do one hour of PE a week. NAFF. We have soooo many dance teachers it turns out that all the year will do dance for half of the year, eventually. God damn dance. I can't dance. If that thought crossed your mind. I can't co ordinate my hands with my legs, but, luckilly, I might get out of it this week again because;
I was off last Wednesday. I was doing my general jog up the stairs to pass my mum the eyedrops, at the top of the stairs I just felt my foot in pain, I went "Aaaaaaahhhhh" and sat on the floor for a real long time. I left it for a day to see if it was going to be OK, or even if I was faking it and didn't know it. It hurt bad style. I went the One Stop to get it checked out; there was a parking space right at the front of the door, for no reason my mum parked miles away, I hopped in the cold dark road with no shoes on. Grr. Turns out I bruised my ligament in my foot, the more pressure I put on it the better it gets, don't know how that helps but I'm ignoring it anyway. I can't do any stretches with my left leg.
Which brings me back to the dance debate; if you can't do the warm up you haven't stetched properly, which means you could get hurt, and I could sue. So, I'm pretty fine now but faking it will do for one more week.
Nothing else has happened except I've grown fond to online frustrating crosswords. Which are American. I was doing one on the metric system for no reason.
"Water is measured in this" Obviously it was litre, me nor my sister could find what happened to ice when it's heated up that was _ _ R _ set out like that. I eventually caved and clicked on the ansers. It was melt, and it was spelt litER.
I said;
"No wonder... IT'S AMERICAN"
my sister replied
"But it's the metric system"
Shortly followed by a little rolling on the floor laughing motion.
I can't talk any more, hurrah, because I'm going to wet myself.
Toodle pip

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