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Yeeessss My name is maria.Mmm,
and I write a lot of Shizzle on here,because well No-one reads it and i like talking to myself!!! Not a crime is it.
I love yooou all x

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

b o r e d
i am so bored its not even funny .

mmm.i love bebo.bebo is fit bebo is fit.*chants*

Shout To My closest friends.:wub:

Im so bored im actually going to write about them.

Robyn - weird little fishy.so funny lol got shat on by bird.hahhah
Weaze - lil weaze,so sweet lol sings the most random songs all the time
Jen - jenny jenny jenny.well what a weirdo i love her.
Han - hannah banana.so sweet and kind
Jess - well.well well well she's very funny,but i have to say a pain in the arse at times.she can be a Bitch.
Holly - well.Boastful! hahhah lol noo she's....cool.sometimes .
Katie - very outgoing and funny.
Shell - i used to be scared of her lmao but now i love her because she's just...i dunno....shell..
Rhianna - fucking blonde!
Kirstie - one of my best friends.it would be nice if she could take some things a bit more seriously but she makes me laugh a lot.
Kez - looool very funny.....cute.....hates cameras....strong!!
Jules - juliet is lovely bless her she's so sweet lol
Lucy - known her....fuck off long time.SLONKY!!! lucy lucy lucy my little lemon i love her loads <3
Bex - pretty.good friend.very annoying lol but thats Bex. . and she's not obese or an emo??? fuckers!!
Faye - suicidal penguin.edible-ness.*loves*
Emily R - ahahahaha i love her she's so sweet and funny
Laura P - lovely girlie ! xx
Eabha the Raver - AHEEMMM um eabha,is not afraid to say what she thinks lol but she is hillarious
Vicky - she's a really nice person vickeh vickeh

omg was i that bored??
ive just written about my friends on the otaku...you dont even KNOW WHO IM ON ABOUT! fuccccckkkk i'm off

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Sunday, October 15, 2006



CaN MOVE f o r m s

OH YES!! after half Term.Woo-hoo! Should be good At least i hope so.I mean,it couldn't be much worse than the One i am in at the moment.Its awful everyone is either bitchy,horrible or goony.GRRR Thank god i can move.I will get loads of asking why's for a week or so then hopefully it should die down??



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Friday, March 10, 2006

●. . . єℓℓσ єℓℓσ єℓℓσ.ι'νє gινєи му ѕιтє α мαкєσνєя......яαтнєя ѕтяαиgє вυт νєяу gяσσνу......υм....σн уєѕ αи∂ ι'νє иσт єχαтℓу вєєи σи нєяє мυн.....ι'νє вєєи ιℓℓ αи∂ вυѕу.....ι αит ρяσмιѕє тσ вє σи мυн вυт αиуωαу....нєℓℓσ тσ єνєяуσиє.вує ρєσρℓє . . .●
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