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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   Only After Disaster Can We Be Resurrected
Haha, yesterday was interesting. It was last class in school and me and my friend Kim were in Science. We're doing Geology right now (yawn). Well anyways, we were both starving and our teacher was talking about layers of sedimetary rock and the whole 'layers' thing reminded me of cake, so I told Kim and then she was like "aww, now I want cake". Kim and I are both extremely impulsive, so Kim turned to me and she was like, "We should walk to the grocery store and buy one and then you can come over to my house and we can eat it and watch Guns dvds!"...so we did. After class, we walked all the way from school to the grocery store, bought a cake, then walked all the way to Kim's house...and this was all done in the pouring rain. Then when we got to her house we cut up the cake and we each took half of it, then we watched Guns n' Roses dvds...We ate the entire thing! I am so sick of chocolate cake right now, it's not even funny (mind you, who wouldn't be sick of it after eating an entire half a cake in one sitting:P). Ok, well that's all I have to say for now, sorry I haven't posted in so long.


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