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Saturday, December 18, 2004

   Casting Aside This Tepid Solace and Seeing Things Through a Different Light
Yay for Christmas break!!! It just started here, and I am happy. Sorry I haven't posted in such a freakin' long time. But I had like five tests this past week in school and tons of homework, nice last week of school hey? :P Nothing too eventful has happened lately. I'm kinda sore today, because I fell off Ginger yesterday though. I was cantering bareback and I could feel myself slipping so I was slowing her down and she did this weird hop and a skip type thing and it threw my balance off and I was like "Ok, think I'm going over now" and then I fell. It didn't really hurt but I couldn't get up off the ground at first because I was laughing so hard. When you think about it though, it's kind of impressive that I've been riding for almost nine years and that's the first time I've fallen off, ever. Anyways, hmm, what else can I bore you with?... We just got a new tv, I was pretty happy. It's a big 36 inch Sony flatscreen, a nice change from our old one. Well, I guess I shall go now and try to get to all of your sites. I'll talk to you later!

I Love Hotaru's Hair!!! He's my favourite bishie


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