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Friday, August 13, 2004

   Horsies and Kitties (What Else Would I Talk About?)
Just got back from riding. I had wanted a change so my grandma got me a lesson at a different place then I usually ride. It was fun because she teaches western lessons and I usually ride english but in a western saddle, yes I know this won't make any sense to people who don't ride but just bear with me, lol! I rode a horse named Shifty and she was a registered Appaloosa, without spots, she was a really pretty brown colour and she had a dorsal stripe. She was really well behaved and listened well. But riding western style is soo much different from english! It was hard to remember all the new stuff she taught me AND ride AND listen to what the lady was saying at the same time, lol! But I won't be taking regular once-a-week lessons from her because she lives 45 minutes away and she charges 45 bucks a lesson! I'll go once in a while but definitely not all the time. I'm trying another lady who does lessons next week, she teaches english and does lots of dressage riding, which is good because I like doing dressag. Plus she lives a lot closer too, lol! So yes, on to another topic... While I was at riding, my dad and sister drove my mom to the airport, because she's going to Europe for two weeks for her neice's wedding. I'm kinda jealous because I wanted to go too, but it's too damn expensive for us all to go, lol! So, she is gone for to weeks, (Yes! no nagging to clean the house and get off the computer for two whole weeks!!!) She's going to France, Amsterdam and the Netherlands, I think. I have no idea what else to talk about so I shall go and leave you all to get a headache from the pinkness that is my site :P

Oh, I found a picture of my other kitty, he's kinda blurry, and he has his tongue sticking out, lol! But it's the best pic I have of him at the moment. I know both my kitties look kinda the same but that's because they're brothers. They're different cats! I swear! lol! Oh, and just in case you're wondering, that would be me holding him.

Until Next Time,

P.S. I know my new song has nothing to do with anime, but I just thought it sounded cool, I bet everyone will be able to guess what movie it's from, lol!

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