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Thursday, March 17, 2005


*Grabs Yuki for a happy dance...aw, why not?! Throw Inuyasha in there too* My mid-term week of absolute hell is over! *transforms into Napoleon Dynamite* and says: "Yessssssss." Ok, back to me. Ah...feels good and my dad is picking me up today to take me home for spring break! YAY! I missed my doggy and kitty so much..and I guess my parents and friends too:-P Anywho, today in illustration, we had to draw from the model and the guy who was posing decided to begin posing with a Chucky doll...you know that doll from the horror movies, Child Play? He had one of these dolls in his locker! Oh man it was creepy and then while drawing him he looks at me and says: "Hey! I see you're the only lefty in the class!" I looked around and it was true and I was like "Oh yeah, I didn't notice." And then he keeps going on about left-handed people and all the famous people who were lefties and all that stuff and he was doing this while being completely naked AND posing with a Chucky doll. I was a little creeped out but I was still nice to him and talked back.

Oh and for the Yuki Club contest, you can send me your submissions by PM or e-mail and you have until Sunday. PLUS...I have not one but TWO outside sources that are going to help me judge this contest so it will be fair and I wont be bias towards anyone. I forgot to mention that all the winners of the contest will not only win their prizes but they will get a spiffy Yuki pin as well! YAY Yuki!

YAY! Kadaj from FFVII Advent Children is MINE! You know, the more I read about his character the cooler and more mysterious he gets. Not only is he the bad-guy but supposenly he has this almost childish behavior which is super creepy because he's so calm in everything he does. Plus, he's also trying to find his "mother." Since he's a clone that may be a problem for him...*sniff* poor guy:

Thank you dark moon fox for this banner!!!

Look! He's so cute! *pinches

Thank you Rikuheart for this banner! You're going to make me cry:

I don't know much about this anime yet besides some parts I have seen from music videos, but I thought this picture was freakin' awesome..this is Dark from D.N. Angel:

Random Corn-ball Joke of the Day: Two satellite dishes got married. The wedding wasn't that great but the reception was excellent.

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