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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

   Such a busy gal...

Week of hell...that's all I can say. Teachers like to lay it on us when there's a break coming. Spring Break next week!! YAY! I had a test in Satire today...er yesterday and had to write 3 essays. On Monday I had a test in Philosophy and this is such a riot I have to tell you guys. Ok, Philosophy is basically a class that provides no answers but encourages you to come up with your own ideas...here's an example of something said to us to get our brains cranking: "We don't know what we do not know but how do we know that we do not know?" Yeah..huh? Anywho, on the test on Monday there were 3 essay questions, we have to answer 2, and with the last one listed, the teacher told us that if you give a good answer to this question, that it will way more heavily then the other question we choose. And the last question was simply this: "Why?" That's it! So I did one of the other questions and then decided to do the why? question. I thought about it and wrote down an answer and handed it in. I got an e-mail from the professor today that gave us our grades and you know what my grade was? An A+!! He told me the answer to the last question was brillant. You wanna know what my answer was to the question, "Why?" My answer was: "Why not?" LOL! And I told a couple of my friends in the class what I had written and they were so pissed 'cause they had written like a 3 page answer to the why? question. Haw Haw!!

I worked my butt off today to get some drawings down for my senior project illustration class. This class is cool 'cause we can do ANYTHING we want and we would do this one thing for the entire semester. I decided to do a few pages to a children's book and, since I can't write, I chose to do the classic fairytale Thumbelina and here's a couple drawings that I have so far but neither are complete:

Right now, they're not in order...I like to jump around. The 1st one isn't done 'cause I'm going to be adding more shadows and highlights and the 2nd one isn't done since obviously there's no background yet. Just thought you guys may be interested in what I do in college since anime is a big no-no. *sigh*

Look!! I found a couple new pictures from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children!

Tifa just looks awesome here:

And it's official that FFVII AC is going to be released in Japan/China Town in April!! YAY! So excited! Infortunetly, it's not being released to "America" until summer. Sorry guys!

And the Yuki Club would like to welcome its newest members: RinoaSquall4ever, AgentYuki, and lilsangofan! Don't forget the contest ends on Sunday and all you have to do is show why you love Yuki! And the prizes are:
1st Place: An original drawing done by me or an anime music video.
2nd Place: A laminated poster, keychain, wallpaper or animated gif of anime of your choosing.
3rd Place: Gets whatever the 2nd doesn't want. Good luck!

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