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Monday, March 14, 2005

   I floss everyday...do you?!

LOL! Never get the Inuyasha group drunk...you never know what will happen! And yes, this actually happened in an episode. Teehee! One of my faves I may point out^_^

*faint* 67 comments left on yesterday's post! Holy macaroni!! That's like more people then I see in real-life in a day. Thanks guys! Oh and I just have a quick question for you that came up when I posted my latest drawing. I mentioned on the piece that I went back to my "old-school" way of coloring and many people said that they prefer it in that style. So my question is, could you guys just tell me which you prefer? You prefer this style(style 1):

Or this style(style 2):

You can be honest I don't care..I enjoy doing both way but was wondering which one people were more drawn to...haha!...Drawn to..I'm witty and didn't even know it! Thankies guys!^_^

Wow! I didn't know so many people were interested in learning about my college life. I think it's because I'm going to an art college and probably most people on Otaku are into pursuing that. If you have any specific questions you can ask me. I just think people were most interested in the fact that we draw naked people a lot...you pervs:-P

With that said I would like to give a big hugs and thanks to forbidden kitsune who made this banner for me!

Ain't it cute! It's got all the Inuyasha cast in it...*huggles!*

And a random kick-ass picture of Link and Navi...I love this piece!

And The Yuki Club would like to welcome it's newest members: KagomeHonda, darkshippo12, and Kueenbee! And don't forget about the contest! You can PM it to me with a link or something or you can e-mail it to me! Info can be found here:The Yuki Club

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