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Saturday, March 12, 2005

   I Like Doritoes

Hey, I'm going to try and have a new drawing done by tomorrow...notice I said 'try.' Depends on if someone busts into my room and drags me off like they usually do on a Saturday night. Feh!...anyone else notice that 'Feh' is the best word ever? Quoted from Inuyasha who typically does that when he's being a snot. It's one of those words that sum up so much in so little. Other such words are: Psh and meh. Gotta love it.

And I want to give the biggest hug and thank to Marz who made this banner for me:

My buddy Aliryn-chan knows this but not many...and that was lately I've been feeling used. Used in that people seem to only want to talk to me to get something. As in, someone will ask me "can you help me to draw better?" And I'll send them this long-ass detailed explanation trying to help them out and I RARELY get a thank you in return. And it's not just art advice but help on people's sites as well. I mean, it was making me dread to check my PM's 'cause I was feeling like people were taking advantage of me. I dunno, it was making me sad but I don't like being sad so I don't like to harp on other people when I'm upset and I don't expect people to come rushing up and sending me banners or anything...it's just a simple thank you is always appreciated. Thanks again, Marz..you made my day^_^

Anywho, I've been dying to find any information about the 4th Inuyasha movie...and there's still like nothing out there except that the 4th movie is called 'Inuyasha Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island." I should just ask my China Town source next time I'm there but this is one of the few pictures that I have found that is from this movie and it's pretty crappy quality but bare with me:

And lookie! Another cool Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru picture:

Oh and this is random but someone asked me to tell them something about me that most people may not know so, here it is: I'm a certified scuba diver. So tell me something about yourselves that I may not know!^_^

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