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Friday, March 11, 2005

   Oreos are awesome

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Some people mentioned how they were surprised that I got breaks during my class...well, when your class is 3 hours, you sure as hell better get a break. Yes, my classes are 3 hours EACH! As in my philosophy class is 3 hours, my Satire class is 3, my illustration class is 3...you get the idea. And how long is my drawing VII class? Six...yes SIX HOURS long. If we didn't get a break...not only would the models be exhausted but so would we. So I don't want to hear people complaining about how long their classes are.

I don't understand why some people think that Kyo and Tohru should be a couple. I mean...it just doesn't fit. Now, I love Kyo to death...he is an AWESOME character but him and Tohru in a relationship? I'm sorry...nu-uh. His personality is too...Inuyasha and the reason why Inuyasha and Kagome work out so well is that he may yell and scream at her but she will equally throw back whatever he says to her. Tohru isn't like that and when Kyo gets pissed she's just like...yeah, ok. She's too sweet and innocent to handle him and yes, I know Kyo has his soft-gushy interior like Inuyasha does..but he's too bad-ass for her. I see him going out with Tohru's friend...what's her name? The yankee (and I'm allowed to say that 'cause I am a yankee!) 'cause they both have those fiery personalities that can lead to better things. Tohru deserves Yuki and I'm not saying this 'cause he's my fave but he treats her like a princess. He respects her and does everything in his power to try and make her happy and after everything that she has been through in her life...that's what she needs. Someone who treats her with the upmost respect and love. There, I said it and I'm sure many Kyo people are going to be waiting outside my door with baseball bats but I don't care! That's how I feel and I'm sticking to it^_^

After all that here's some cool pictures!
I LOVE this picture of Link...so cool!

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It's so awesome when Inuyasha learns this ice technique. His sword gets all bad-ass lookin!
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LOL! Ok...are those answers written out Haru's hand there? That little cheater. Heehee!!
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And if anyone wondered what the gif above is from...that's Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. He's so cool!!! And for those who forgot when the Yuki Club contest was over, it ends on the 20th of March and there's info here: The Yuki Club.

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