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Thursday, March 10, 2005

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WAHOO!!! Thanks guys!! I happened to check my stats today and saw that I had exceeded 3,000 hits! *HUGS!*
And here's a cool picture as well for those who like Inuyaha and Sesshoumaru:

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Some people seemed to be a little weirded out in yesterday's post when I mentioned I was drawing naked people...well, yes I was! It was for my illustration class and we had a model come in that day. I draw naked people all the time. It's really no big deal. If you want a career in art, you need to know the human figure and having live, nude models is the best way to learn. It teaches you poportions and shading and all that good stuff and it's through this that I can draw anime figures and such. I've been drawing naked people for almost 4 years and it's like totally normal for me to be walking down the hallways and see a naked person in each room and not even think twice about it. That is a little weird, isn't it? Sometimes in class, during the breaks, the models will walk around to look at our work and talk to you while being completely naked!! It's really no big thing...I mean, they're people too. I've drawn naked men, women, young and old, fat and skinny. It's fun and it's helped me learn how to draw people!

And I humbly apologize to the people who commented on my site later yesterday who I didn't get to. I had class till 9PM and I was working on a project for tomorrow...er...today now...but I'll be going tonight so I promise to get to you guys. *hangs head in shame as Yuki hands you some flowers in apology*

Heehee!! It seems like people are loving the random quote of the week. If you haven't seen it, go check it out...NOW!!! ;-) I love those two...they bicker so well and Kyou has the Inuyasha temper where he will just say anything without thinking twice and then Yuki has a smart-ass comment to throw back...or just shoves a leek into his mouth to shut him up^_^
And don't forget about the Yuki Club contest! Info can be found on the Yuki Club website: The Yuki Club. And the Club would like to welcome its newest members: Lie74, Inuyashalover12, and dark moon fox!!

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