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Tuesday, March 1, 2005


The Yuki Club would like to welcome its latest members! 2lovinuyasha, Living Doll, usagi sohma, marz, purplepenguin24, and Silent Love! *Yuki gives you all more cookies*

Anywho, thanks for those who didn't ruin any Fruits Basket for me when I was gushing about it yesterday. I'm up to episode like 19 I think now. So don't say anything that may ruin it!!! I like the surprise!! Ok, I need to gab some more about some things...nothing really spoiling anything but if you don't want to know anything about FB, then you may not want to read the next paragraph...

Ok, I had seen one picture of Ayame and got this impression of him just by the picture...and then I saw the episodes with him...oh man was I wrong about him! LOL! I thought he was going to be this quiet, reserved, mean guy and he's the total opposite! He was cracking me up like you would not believe and then I find out he's Yuki's older brother! HAHA! Yuki is so embarassed by him...Ayame has such sexual drive it's hilarious. No wonder he and Shigure got along so well in high school...here's some piccy's!
This is one pissed of Yuki!

Family resemblence!! They both get that cool cloudy haze in their eyes when pissed!

I even made an animated .gif of Ayame too and you can see that in my profile^_^

Oh and this is random but look! It's a close-up of Sesshoumaru's eye! SO PRETTY! This is from the 3rd Inuyasha movie when he was talking to his daddy:-D

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