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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Holy Snow!
Can any more snow dump on us?! Well, I guess so since we're supposed to get like another 10"! Oh, I forgot to mention on the post with yesterday pictures...it's a sequel based on Final Fantasy VII but in movie form! The blonde haired character is Cloud and the white-haired guy with the short hair is Kadaj and he's the leader of the Silver-Haired Brothers. And some noticed they look a bit like Sephiroth...well, supposenly they're either the sons or clones or reincarnation of some kind of Sephiroth. And Kadaj seems to be following the orders of the guy in the white cloak(you can see him in the picture in yesterday's post) and some think that this may be Sephiroth!!

Oh, my new drawing of Kenshin should be done later today and I'll make sure and post again when it is finished! So, if you guys feel like coming back later today to see if it's up for viewing that would be uber super! Whoever does will be my new heroes and I'll give hugs and cookies to you!

Today the auction for my drawing 'Lean on Me' ends! Some people are already fighting to the death for it so if you want it, todays the final day! Here is the link to the auction: CLICK HERE!

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